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Anupama Written Update 18th July 2023

Anupama written update 18th July 2023

Today, we will be looking at Anupama written update 18th July 2023 where Shahs and Kapadias participate in a kite competition. It was an interesting episode. Continue reading about the Anupama written update 18th July 2023.

Anupama written update 18th July 2023

Anuj, Anupama, and Little Anu perform on stage on the Hawa Hawaii… song. Everyone claps after their performance, while Leela sits, frowning. Maaya watching them hide, thinks she is going to meet Little Anu’s foster parents. The host asks Anuj and Anupama the secret of their lively performance.

Anuj says their family’s only secret is love; a person dances with his legs if he dances alone and by heart if he dances with family. The host offers them a perfect family award and announces a kite-flying competition, but before that, a special surprise.

Samar notices Dimpy upset and apologizes to her for Leela’s bitter words. Dimpy says Leela’s bitter words hit her deeply. Anuj and Anupama pass by and listen to their conversation. Anupama suggests to them that they should reciprocate the elder’s words with words and not misbehave; everyone gets angry at someone but can’t vent out their anger on everyone; a real human is one who can control their anger. Samar and Dimpy nod okay and return to their stall. Anuj asks Anupama if all is okay. Anupama says yes, but they can discuss it later.

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Vanraj calls Kavya and asks, “Where is she?”Kavya says she is busy and can’t speak now. Vanraj argues. Kavya disconnects the call. Vanraj then notices Toshu and his friend’s argument and goes to check. Toshu lied and said that his friend wanted to buy a flat.

Friend says Toshu borrowed his car for 2 hours because his grandfather is ill, but he didn’t return it even after 3 hours and got dents and scratches on his car instead. Toshu says he can afford a costly car because his father is rich.

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Friend says he gave him a car thinking his mother was a Kapadia, but forgot that his father is broke. Toshu starts fighting with him. Vanraj stops their fight and promises Toshu’s friend to repair his car. Friend leaves. Vanraj warns Toshu to stop all his drama right now.

Adhik notices Barkha coughing and offers her water. She thanks him. He asks if there was a fight between her and jiju/Ankush. She says it always happens. He says this time it looks serious. She says it’s an old wound that she will manage. She says she can see how easily he became his wife’s slave and forgave Pakhi.

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He says Pakhi has reformed herself. She says it’s good that they both have reformed themselves and compromised with each other; he should stay away from the Shah family’s toxicity. He says there is toxicity even in their family; he has learnt to adjust and is very lucky to have a family. She should support him in his happiness. Barkha sits, frowning.

Little Anu feels sad when Maaya doesn’t come. Anuj says, “Let us join the kite-flying competition. Litle Anu insists on meeting Maaya first. The host announces the product launch of an international perfume. Leela asks Vanraj about Kavya. Vanraj says she is busy and will come soon. Leela hopes they are not in for a surprise. Kavya arrives on stage and promotes perfume.

Anupama and everyone else felt happy to see her, while Leela and Vanraj felt embarrassed. She then makes everyone try samples of fragrances. Anuj, Anupama, and Little Anu praise that she looks beautiful, and they are happy for her.

Anupama written update July 18th

Leela warns Vanraj to control Kavya before it’s too late, or else the situation will be out of control. Kavya announces that the new fragrances are promoted by Maaya. Little Anu is excited to hear about Maaya. Anuj says if she is here, why is she not coming in front? Maaya hiding and thinks she will soon.

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Hasmukh, while preparing to fly a kite, tries to calm down a frowning Leela. Pakhi and Adhik write their names on their kite and hope they will not let their kite be cut by anyone, and even if they do, they will not cut anyone’s kite and will spread love. Kinjal writes her and Pari’s names on her kite.

Toshu tries to join them, but Kinjal stops him. Samar joins Dimple. Kavya returns to Vanraj, asks how her performance was, and shows her excitement. Mohit wishes them all the best for the kite competition. Little Anu insists on flying Maaya’s kite. Anuj and Anupama try to cheer her up and write their names on a kite. Maaya looks at her and Little Anu’s names on her kite.

In conclusion, I hope you found this content “Anupama written update 18th July 2023” interesting. Anticipate more updates.

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