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How To Get Free Data On Mtn Without Recharging [100% working]

How To Get Free Data On Mtn Without Recharging

If you’re searching for how to get free data on MTN without recharging? That’s a nice idea, and you’re lucky to be in the right place. I will give you the answer. I’m sure you’re going to like the result. On this blog, you will learn how to get free data on MTN without recharging your line.

A lot of people must be searching for this. Some might be asking if it’s actually possible for one to get a free data from MTN without recharging? Well, it’s possible, and the answer is yes. This is not a cheat, it is actually something real, and working.

I have to compile a lot of these because I have enjoyed getting data from MTN even without recharging. So, I will be dropping all possible tips on how to get data on MTN without recharging.

Without further ado, you should have in mind that these methods I’m going to share with you, how to get free data on MTN without buying airtime. This is the best, and no cheat involved.

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You should be aware that it’s illegal to manipulate MTN service, as they may ban your number. It is also, dangerous to dial unnecessary USSD codes in search of cheat for free browsing. You have to be careful. But don’t worry, I’m here to share some legit methods that you can use to get data for free.

How to get free data on MTN without recharging

  1. To get free data on MTN without recharging, buy an MTN SIM card. If you already have one, you will automatically receive 20mb per day without recharging your MTN line.

  2. Another method is the use of Stark VPN reloaded application. With this application, you can get daily 50mb, 100mb, and unlimited data with your MTN SIM.

  3. If you have an MTN SIM, you can ask your friends to send you some data. If you have their phone, and you’re given permission and password, you can transfer data to your own sim. You can do that by simply dialing *600#.

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Amount of data you can get from Stark VPN reloaded

  • N50mb
  • 100mb
  • 500mb
  • Unlimited data

When to expect free data from MTN service

You can expect free data from MTN when they are celebrating;

  • Anniversary
  • Easter
  • Christmas or
  • Other relevant celebration or holiday.

MTN can also decide to give out free data for compensation of loss, or due to unavailability of the service within a short period of time.


On this topic ‘How To Get Free Data On MTN Without Recharging‘, I hope you have discovered how to actually get data to browse the internet without recharging.

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