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Stark VPN reloaded | Get data unlimited

How to get unlimited data with Stark VPN reloaded

Stark VPN is an unlimited data application with many great features, such as free browsing feature. With this application, you can be able to browse the internet for free. Though, it is only available for limited countries. Here, you will discover how to get unlimited data with Stark VPN reloaded application. If you’re searching for Stark VPN MTN 500mb, keep reading to discover that.

I know you might be wondering how possible it is to browse the internet without purchasing data. Well, it is actually. If you have multiple network, you will enjoy more. Besides, it doesn’t really matter. As far as you have a mobile network in your phone, you can make use of the application to surf and use other internet required applications for free.

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It takes only a few minutes to set up and start browsing the internet for free. Countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, Sudan, e.t.c. can use Stark VPN reloaded application to browse the internet for free. Once you learn the basis to set it up, you can now connect and enjoy.

How to set up Stark VPN reloaded

Check out how to use Stark VPN below.

To set up Stark VPN reloaded,

  • make sure you download and install the application on your device.
  • Then, open the application, and select your mobile network.
  • After that, tap ‘Connect‘ and wait for a few seconds.
  • Finally, it will be connected after few seconds.
  • Just minimize the application, then continue to browse or use internet for free.
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Stark VPN settings for Airtel, MTN, GLO and 9mobile

To set Stark VPN for Airtel, MTN, GLO, and 9mobile, you don’t need to do much work. All you need is to go to settings (at the top), and select the network you are making use of. Once you have selected the network, you’re done setting it, then tap on ‘Connect‘ to start browsing.

Frequently asked questions on Stark VPN reloaded

Why is my Stark VPN reloaded not connecting?

The reasons why your Stark VPN is not connecting are because your mobile data is not turned on, or you did not select the right network. Also, it could be because your phone is on airplane mode, and network is not available. If you fix the above, and it’s still not connecting, close and reopen the application.

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Features of Stark VPN reloaded

Stark VPN have free VPN Proxy, unblock websites, Change IP and Location, and Unlimited Internet. It is easy to use, unlimited data, secured connection, compression support, low battery/ram usage and torrent friendly.

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  1. Please I am trying to connect but it’s not coming connecting idk why but do you need to have data for it to connect?

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