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Spider crawling on face filter

Spider crawling on face filter

Can you imagine having an ant or insect crawling on your face? Spider crawling on face filter allows spider to walk on people’s facial body, while they record it. Whether it’s real, or fake, it’s quite scary. Don’t panic. The filter, is also called ‘Hungry spider‘.

It’s not actually a real spider. It is an animated one, but looks very real. Many people have to be scared with such prank. It’s fun, and entertaining, though. The filter is mostly used to prank people.

You can use it to prank your boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, partner, siblings, e.t.c. it’s for fun only. Please do not use this prank on someone with high blood pressure.

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Spider crawling on face filter

The spider crawling on face filter can be use on TikTok, Instagram and some other social media. Some use the filter to create different kinds of contents to entertain viewers. Once you have an Instagram account, you can use the filter. Let me proceed to show you how to use the filter on Instagram.

How to get spider crawling on face filter

To get hungry spider on Instagram,

  • Launch your Instagram application.
    Select the ‘Post‘ option.
  • Tap on ‘Story‘ and search for the filter.
  • Swipe left of right to locate ‘Hungry spider‘ filter.
  • Select the ‘Hungry spider‘ by tapping on it.
  • Finally, open your mouth a bit to make the spider to start crawling.
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Note: the ‘Hungry spider‘ can be found with its icon. A spider is drawn on its icon. If you wish, you can add other edits to beautify your video. Then, you can publish.

Another way to simply use this filter is by searching for someone who had already made use of the filter. Once you’re able to find someone who already used the filter, tap on the video and select ‘Try it’ at the bottom left of your screen.

I hope you have learnt how to use hungry spider filter. Kindly share with your friends, and have fun.

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