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Sneaking up behind you filter | Giordano

Sneaking up behind you filter

Have you heard about the latest prank on TikTok, and Instagram? Do you want to know the meaning of ‘Sneaking up behind you filter’, and how to use it? It’s very funny and interesting. Let me proceed to tell you how ‘Sneaking up behind you filter’ works.

Please, do not play this prank on someone with high blood pressure. It’s actually not that scary but it may have a bit negative effects. But it’s fun, and entertaining.

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Sneaking up behind you filter | Giordano

The filter has been trending for days. Many social media users use the filter to prank their mum, father, boyfriend, or girlfriend. It could be just be anyone. It’s a bit scary though, but it’s fun and entertaining.

What is the meaning of sneaking up behind you filter?

The meaning of ‘sneaking up behind you filter’ is a prank. The filter is named ‘Giordano‘, and can be used on TikTok, and Instagram. Once you select the filter and video anyone, or yourself, an old man will suddenly sneak and appear behind you.

Yes. That’s how it works. If you’re not aware of the Giordano filter prank, it would scare you a lot. Imagine being alone in your room, and someone suddenly appears at your back. It’s quite fun and scaring as well. That’s why many use it as a prank. It is trending on TikTok and Instagram.

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How to use Giordano filter on TikTok?

To use Giordano filter on TikTok,

  • Open the TikTok app, and select the plus icon.
  • Tap on ‘Effects‘, to view filters.
  • At the search menu, search for ‘Giordano
  • Once the ‘Giordano’ filter appear, you can use it to record your video.
  • After that, you can publish your video to entertain others.

How to use Giordano filter to create Instagram Reels?

Yes. You can use Giordano filter on Instagram too. There, you can make reels with it for fun. To use Giordano (Sneaking up behind you filter) to create Instagram Reels,

  • Download the latest version of Instagram, or update the existing one.
  • Create a new story, scroll down and select search button.
  • Type the word ‘Giordano‘ in the search bar to find the filter.
  • Select Giordano filter.
  • Finally, use the filter to publish your video
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That’s how to use the ‘Sneaking up behind you filter’, which is trending all over the social media apps. That’s all for now. Kindly share with your friends.

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