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She Was Nice trend on Twitter | Meaning

She was nice trend

Do you want to know the real meaning of ‘She was nice‘ trend? Well, don’t be confused. You’re here to discover everything you need to know about the trend on Twitter, and other social media.

Nigerian citizens love what they call ‘Vawulence’ (i.e. violence), but a playful one. Many people who don’t know the meaning of ‘She was nice’ posted on their WhatsApp status without consulting to know the meaning.

The trend meaning

What is the meaning of ‘She was nice’ trend in Nigeria?

It is simply a prank created by some social media users. A guy is meant to post ‘She was nice’ on his status to create a prank. But if it doesn’t go well, you might end up putting an end to your relationship.

A lady just ended her relationship because his boyfriend wasn’t able to give a detailed explanation of who was nice to him. So many relationships have ended since this trend started. You just have to know that it’s a prank, and never take it serious.

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If you’re single, you can get away with it. This is because, no one would likely ask you. But if you have someone already crushing on you, you would likely lose here because she will feel that you already have someone.

Just get the message. The trending sentence is simply a prank. It was created by social media users. A Twitter user wrote, ‘We single boys created the trend to scatter you all relationship’.

Number of tweets

As at the time of writing this post, the trend has over 20k tweets and more. It’s fast growing, and could reach over 500k tweets.

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She was nice trend
Twitter trend

How does the prank work?

All you need to do is to go to your WhatsApp status and write the caption ‘She was nice’, then wait for replies. You will be shocked to get many message from people, including those crushing on you.

I hope you’re aware of the meaning of these trend. Kindly share with your friends to save a relationship today.

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