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How to get phone number from facebook of unknown person

How to get phone number from facebook of unknown person

Phone contacts are private, but sometimes they can be seen on the internet. Find out how to get phone number from facebook of unknown person. With this guide, even if you don’t know the person, you will be able to get his or her phone number.

There are situations that require getting someone’s phone number. Whatever the situation is, you have a 90% chance of getting anyone’s phone number from Facebook if you follow this complete guide.

How to get Phone Number from Facebook of Unknown Person

Facebook’s settings allow users to hide their phone number. Other factors prevent seeing an unknown person’s phone number, too. Here are the 10 ways to on ‘how to get phone number from facebook of unknown person.’ They are:

1. Through the profile

Navigate to Facebook and visit the unknown person’s profile. Click on ‘About’ to show the detailed information about the user. There, you will find the unknown person’s phone number. If the account or phone number is locked or hidden, follow the next procedure.

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2. Using Friends of Friends

This option is one of the best cheats on how to get the phone number of an unknown person from Facebook. Visit the individual’s profile and click on ‘Friends’. Now, check the activities of their friends to see if you can see any phone numbers.

3. Offering an Enticing Reward

Message the unknown person. Once they reply, offer them an enticing reward. It could be for them to comment on their numbers for airtime, gift cards, or other giveaways. With this, you will get the number of an unknown person from Facebook.

4. Phishing

This is a tactic used by hackers or programmers. This strategy is to be used legally by professional individuals. Using these tactics for the wrong objective is not recommended.

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For phishing, create a form online. This form should contain options such as name, address, and phone number. The form should be about registration for a scholarship, business, or other activities the person might be interested in.

Once they fill out the form, you will see the person’s phone number. It is one of the easiest ways on how to get phone number from facebook of unknown person without stress.

5. Search the Name on Google

If someone is unknown to you on Facebook, but you know the person’s name, do the following:

  • Enter the person’s Facebook name on Google and search.
  • Check if the person has a LinkedIn, Xing, About Me, or other social media account.
  • Visit the person’s page and get their phone number from the page.
  • Finally, you found what you had been looking for.

Their numbers might not be on Facebook. But using their name, you can still find out. It doesn’t matter if the person is popular.

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Many average people have social media accounts on different platforms. It can help you to find rich friends on Facebook.

6. Check out their Photos on Facebook

It’s possible to get the phone number of an unknown person through their Facebook photos. The person might have posted a document that revealed a phone number. Some of them are businessmen and women. So, it’s easier to get their phone numbers from the flyers the will post.

7. Workplace strategy

Discover the name of the office where the individual works. Now research the company’s employees. You will discover many details about them, including their phone numbers. Most reputable companies are confidential, but you can still check because it works.

Conclusively, it’s great that you learned how to get phone number from facebook of unknown person. For any questions, let us know using the comment section. If you find this content valuable, kindly share it with your friends.

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