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Summary of The Costly Mistake by Chinelo Ifezulike

Summary of The Costly Mistake by Chinelo Ifezulike

The Costly Mistake is the story of Daniel and Stephanie, written by the author Chinelo Ifezulike. In the school, Metropolitan Grammer School in Anambra State, the author passed a message to students. Urging them to take their studies serious, and give respect to both principals, teachers and senior students. Here, you will discover the full Summary of The Costly Mistake by Chinelo Ifezulike.

Also, you will read detail’s concerning the chapter two and three of the costly mistake novel.

Brief introduction of The Costly Mistake novel

According to the novel, when Daniel finds himself in the school and contrary expectation, he joined bad company. On the other hand, Anthony (Tony) is a notorious student whose lifestyle could not be written home about.

Summary of The Costly Mistake by Chinelo Ifezulike

Tony distracted Daniel by luring him into his bad company. When Daniel joined the bad company of Tony, he forgot about all his good friends which includes Uchenna, Udo, and Wilson who should have helped him. In addition, Tony led Daniel astray, he became trapped, and turned into something else.

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Recall the music ‘I was walking in the garden’ which Stephanie used to charm Daniel. Her beauty bewitches him, and Daniel become useless, and doesn’t know himself. Daniel went ahead to breaking bounds, and leaving his books untouched.

Daniel abandoned his studies, textbooks, and goes out with friends. Also, going out frequently to the town to meet Stephanie. With all these distractions, Daniel no longer concentrate on his studies, which made him to go down academically.

When the time for external exam came, he bribed some teachers. At the end, Tony leave the school without certificate and no manners. Also, he wished to have gainful employment but no Job. Tony ends up as a tout in Onitsha market (Motor park). Daniel, in Metropolitan Grammer School in Anambra State, becomes of bad company.

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This novel ‘Summary of the costly mistake‘ is a story that urges students to attend to their studies and forget about misleading friends and activities. Anything that would distract your attention, as we have seen in the novel, should be avoided.

Remember, Stephanie is Tony’s cousin. A beautiful lady who bewitches Daniel, charmed him with her lovely voice and turns him into something else. Due to Daniel was so much in love with Stephanie, he begins to break bounds, and left all his academic studies to focus on her.

The Costly Mistake by Chinelo Ifezuluike characters

The character in the costly mistake are,

  • Daniel _ Protagonist.
  • Anthony _ Notorious student.
  • Stephanie _ Daniel’s lover.
  • Uchenna _ Daniel’s friend.
  • Wilson _ Daniel’s friend.
  • Udo _ Daniel’s friend.

Minor characters in The Costly Mistake novel

  • Okonkwo.
  • Mr. Adigwe.
  • Mr. Giwa.
  • Emmanuel.
  • Nwokedi.
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The main character in the novel is Daniel. He is the protagonist. Anthony is a notorious student who led Daniel Astray. On the other hand, Stephanie is Daniel’s girlfriend, while Uchenna, Wilson, Udo are Daniel’s friends.

These are three good students who concentrated on their studies. They tried to advise Daniel, but he wouldn’t listen.

Members of Tony’s gang

  • Victor.
  • Stanley.
  • Raphael.

They all ended up very badly.

Theme of The Costly mistakes by chinelo ifezulike

  • Bad company.
  • Bullying.
  • Good parental advice.
  • Irresponsible and corrupt teachers (Mr. Jideofor, Mr. Chiwetalu, Mr. Offia)

Secondary school is a preparatory stage in the life of every student. You should remain focus, and attend to your studies. The novel ‘Save the African Womb‘, can help teenagers to live a better life.  Daniel went astray because of bad company. Also, because he engaged himself in friendship, in love, which is not necessary at that moment of his life.

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