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Lonely Days by Bayo Adebowale Summary

Lonely Days by Bayo Adebowale Summary

Lonely Days by Bayo Adebowale is quite an interesting novel. The novel talks about how being a widow can be oppressive. It teaches how a widow can be able to work hard on her own, and be able to resist those who wants to punish her. Here, you will discover Lonely days by Bayo Adebowale summary, the theme, characters and settings.

Without further ado, you will discover the full summary of Lonely Days, chapter 2 and other chapters all included within the summary.

Lonely Days by Bayo Adebowale, Summary

The story in the novel begins with the death of a man called Ajumobi, who is the husband of Yaremi. It was reported that he died of natural death through an illness. But because there was a hawk that was found on the roof when Ajumobi gave up the ghost, the villagers claimed that Yaremi killed her husband.

The villagers practice superstitious belief, and that was why they accused Yaremi of such act. They didn’t even sympathize with her, rather. They mocked her. Her children Segi, Wura, and Alani are not even concerned after the death of their father.

Yaremi’s main job is dyeing Tafetta in indigo solution. She is also a farmer. Since all his children left, her grandson Woye became the only companion she has. As a widow, other men like Ayanwale, Olonode, and Lanwa started making advances in her, but she rejected all do them.

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After a while, a cap picking ceremony was organized. This means that, if Yaremi picks any cap, she will marry the man who owns the cap. She refused to pick any cap. According to the village tradition, such attitude has its consequences.

When his first child, Segi, visited her, he encouraged her not to bow to the village tradition. Yaremi’s last child Alani, who has been living in the city for over 10 years, also came back to visit her mother. But Alani never care much about her mother. All he does it to boast of his wealth in the village. Later, he left, giving an instruction that his father’s properties should be leased out from his mother.

Despite what Dedewe, Fayoyin, Radeke pass through as a widow, Yeremi, a brave woman, never allow the villagers to intimidate here though nobody in the village visit or attend to her as a widow.

Themes of Lonely days by Bayo Adebowale

The theme in Lonely Days novel are as follows:

  • Oppression of women in Africa
    Hard work
  • Superstition and African traditional belief
  • Male dominance
  • Feminism

Oppression of women in Africa

In the theme of oppression of women in Africa, we can see in the novel, the way Yaremi was treated. Some characters in the novel who are widows like Fayoyin, Radeke, and Dedewe are being oppressed by the villagers. Even when Yaremi’s husband was alive, he was always threatening to marry another wife.

Hard work

In the novel, Yaremi is a hardworking woman. She is a farmer and have other handwork she does. Since she’s a hardworking woman, she was able to resist the unnecessary command of the villagers, and she feeds herself with the work she does.

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Superstition and African traditional belief

We can see the theme of superstition and African traditional belief in the novel when the villagers arranged a ceremony asking Yaremi to pick a cap in order for his to choose another husband.

We can also, see such case when the villagers, who are supposed to sympathize with Yeremi, started mocking her because they believed that she was the one who killed her husband. This was because the villagers saw a hawk on the roof of the late Ajumobi during his death.

The villagers also, believe that if Yaremi marries a hunter, she would give birth to an animal. Ajumobi, the late husband of Yaremi was said to keep an amulet on his ceiling in other to drive ghost, and evil spirits away. All these superstitious beliefs are what the people of Kufi believed.

Male dominance

In the theme of male dominance, men are regarded as the head of the home while women are subjects. They can only be seen and not heard. Only the men takes decision in the village, while the women has no chance to say an opinion. The women don’t have the authority to query their husband’s decision.

A ceremony was organized by the villagers to allow Yaremi pick a husband by choosing from few caps which the villagers decide could be suitable. Though Yaremi do not want any man, but she wasn’t given the opportunity to select a man of his own during the traditional activity which only favors the men.

Theme of feminism

Feminism is a movement that supports women. Adebowale was able to fight for the women through the character which Yaremi displayed and was able to resist the villagers from forcing her in some activities.

Characters of Lonely days by Bayo Adebowale

The main character, who is also the protagonist in the novel, is Yaremi.

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The characters in the Novel ‘Lonely days’ are:

  • Ajumobi
  • Yaremi
  • Segi, Wura, Alani
  • Woye
  • Ayanwale
  • Olonode
  • Lanwa
  • Dedewe, Fayoyin, Radeke


Ajumobi is the husband of Yeremi


Yaremi is the wife of late Ajumobi. She is a widow, and a farmer.

Segi, Wura, Alani

Segi, Wura, Alani are the children of Mr. and Mr. Ajumobi. They all ignored their mother when their father was no more.


Woye is the grandson of Yaremi. He is the only companion Yaremi have.


Ayanwale is the village drummer. He is also, one of Yaremi suitor.


Olonode is the village wood carver. He is Yaremi’s suitor too.


Lanwa is a farmer. He is also, Ajumobi’s half brother. He attempted to go into a relationship with Yaremi, but she declined.

Dedewe, Fayoyin, Radeke

Dedewe, Fayoyin, Radeke are widows in the village. They allow the tradition of the village to intimidate them, unlike Yaremi.

Settings of Lonely days by Bayo Adebowale

The settings of Lonely days are:

  • Kufi Village l
  • Adeyipo Village

Moral lesson on Lonely days by Bayo Adebowale

African tradition are important to maintain their culture and to be able to promote peace and unity. But some African culture include superstitious belief, which affects the female gender. These superstitious beliefs reduce and demote the authority that a woman has a living being.

Only the men are allowed to man decisions which are wrong. The novel is trying to tell us that women should also, be given a chance to air their opinion and also contribute to the society without sentiment.

They should be allowed to make a choice of their own when it comes to getting a husband. Finally, we should also, respect women, and treat them right.

In this topic, Lonely Days by Bayo Adebowale Summary, I hope you are able to learn a lot. Kindly share.

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