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How to Check NYSC Call Up Letter [Batch B 2023]

How to check NYSC call up letter

NYSC Call Up Letter is proof that you have been called up for National Service. Before I proceed, let me say congratulations!. This content has the best solution on how to check NYSC Call Up Letter Batch B with your phone.

The NYSC Call Up Letter are for those who are either in Batch A, B, or C. Each batch has two streams. The current batch for July 2023 is Batch B. So, continue reading this article to find out how to check the NYSC Call Up Letter.

How to Check NYSC Call Up Letter

To check your NYSC Call Up Letter,

  • Visit the NYSC portal.
  • Next, tap on the “Login here” icon and proceed.
  • After that, enter your email address and password.
  • On your dashboard, scroll down and click on “Print Call-up Letter“.
  • Finally, click on “Print” to download your NYSC Call Up Letter.
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How to check NYSC call up letter
NYSC call up letter

Important information concerning NYSC Call-Up letter

  1. 2023 Batch B PCMs are encouraged as a matter of priority to be immunized against cerebrospinal meningitis before reporting to camp.
  2. Please note: You cannot apply for DOB (date of birth) correction after you have been documented in CAMP.
  3. Also note that your graduation date, date of birth, and course of study are going to appear on your Certificate of National Service.
  4. Ensure that the above is correct before documenting in CAMP.
  5. Ensure you print your green card slip, sign it, and bring it to camp. It is compulsory for registration in camp.

Frequently asked questions

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What is the meaning of the NYSC Call Up Letter?

It is a letter that shows that you have been called up to perform national service for a mandatory period of one year. It is proof you must present in the camp to enable you to continue with the process of serving.

How can I change my password?

If you still remember your password and wish to change it, login to the NYSC dashboard and click on “Change password,” located at the left.

How can I check my disciplinary case?

Visit NYSC dashboard and log in. Then, click on “Disciplinary Case” at the left of your screen. You’re required to respond to disciplinary messages sent to you. If you have no disciplinary case, you will see “No case record” written on the disciplinary page.

How can I print the NYSC Call Up Letter?

If you’re searching for how to Print NYSC Call Up Letter, login to the NYSC portal. Scroll down and click on “Print Call-up Letter” then proceed to print or save to your device.

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How can I apply for a correction or rearrangement of my name?

The application for correction or rearrangement of names can be done on your dashboard. Visit the NYSC portal, log in, and tap on “Apply for Correction or Rearrangement of Name”.

How can I view the deployed state guide?

The guide for deployed states is also located on the dashboard, at the bottom of the page.

What should I do when I forget my password and email?

Visit NYSC dashboard and click on “recover password or email”. Enter your details to recover your email or password.

How to check nysc call-up letter on phone

The answer is: Open your browser and visit NYSC dashboard. Login with your details, and select Print Call-up Letter. Log out when you’re done.

Remember not to wear anything that can impede the capture of your fingerprints in camp, e.g. Laali ink, et cetera. In conclusion, I hope you have learnt how to check NYSC Call Up Letter, and how to print NYSC Call Up Letter. Kindly share with others.

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