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Themes in the Lion and the Jewel

Themes in the Lion and the Jewel

Looking for themes in the Lion and the Jewel novel? Well, you’re at the right place. These theme explains top context of the Lion and the Jewel novel. Here, you will find the themes in the Lion and the Jewel.

Even without reading the novel, from the theme, you will be able to discover most incidents that occurred in the novel. Now, let’s take a look at the themes in the Lion and Jewel.

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Themes in the Lion and the Jewel

The themes in the Lion and the Jewel novel are:

  • Cultural conflict
  • Love and marriage
  • Pride
  • Deceit
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Theme of Cultural conflict

In the theme of cultural conflict, kunle see the tradition of Ilujinle village as outdated and old. He doesn’t like it, especially when it comes to paying of bride price. Just like in the novel, Kunle insisted that he won’t pay bride price on Sidi.

Lakunle also, don’t like the way the Ilujinle people dress as it shows sensitive part of their body. But that was how the Ilujinle people dress. Teacher Kunle sees all that as barbaric and outdated.

Baroka on the other hand, had to bribe the surveyor to make sure that the train track do not pass through Ilujinle village. He did that to avoid the western culture.

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Love and marriage

Teacher Kunle who wanted to marry Sidi was unable to do so. Despite the love he had for Sidi, he doesn’t agree with the village traditional culture. He believed in a modernity, stating that bride price is outdated and archaic.

Baroka who knows how his village tradition works was eager and have to pay the bride price of Sidi. Though, Baroka lured and impregnated her in order to avoid her getting married to Lakunle.


In the theme of pride, Sidi told Baroka that she is now even more famous than him. This was because Sidi’s beautiful picture a stranger brought. She boasted that Lakunle and Baroka are not qualified to marry her. At the end, Baroka was able to outsmart her and make her lose her virginity by sleeping with her. She had no choice than to marry Baroka.

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We can see the theme of deceit when Baroka saw the magazine picture of Sidi. He saw Sidi’s beauty, and realized that he needs another wife. Baroka had to send Sadiku to convince Sidi on his behalf. Though, Sidi rejected Baroka’s proposal. Baroka had to use trick and outsmarted her, and was able to marry her.

Hope you understand the explanations concerning the theme of the Lion and the Jewel.

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