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FPL point system | Guide | Calculation 2023

FPL point system

Are you looking for how fantasy Premier League point system works? Or a guide to calculate your points? Well, that’s great. On this blog, you will discover how the FPL point system works, to make you apply a good strategy with your team.

These FPL point system help to allocate points to players who met the requirements in any particular match in the Premier League. After going through these FPL point system, if you’re smart enough, you would apply the best strategy and win big prizes.

FPL point system

There are actions needed for a player to gain points in each single match. These actions and points are:

  • When a player plays up to 60 minutes, the player gets 1 point.
  • Excluding stoppage time, playing for 60 minutes or more is 2 points.
  • A goal scorer by a defender or a goalkeeper is 6 points.
  • When a midfielder score a goal, the player gets 5 points.
  • Each goal scored by a forward is 4 points.
  • The players who assist a goal gets 3 points.
  • Clean sheet by a goalkeeper or defender is 4 points.
  • A midfielder gets 1 point for a clean sheet.
  • The goalkeeper gets 1 point each for every 3 saves made.
  • The goalkeeper gets 5 points for any penalty saved.
  • Best players in a match receive 1-3 points in a match.
  • Player who miss penalty gets -2 (minus two) points.
  • For every 2 goals conceded by a defender or goalkeeper is -1 point.
  • A player who gets a yellow card is -1 point.
  • Any player who gets a red card is -3 points.
  • If a player score an own goal, the player gets -2 points.
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Meanwhile, you can create the best FPL strategy to win prizes for fun. Using the fantasy Premier League points system, you should now be able to know the outcome of your total score depending on a player’s performance.

Next topic will be about its strategy to score more points.

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