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Plants vs Zombies Strategy | Best tactic

Plants vs Zombies Strategy

Everybody wants to defeat the Zombies. To do that as a player, you require a good strategy to beat the Zombies. This post will reveal to you, the best Plants vs Zombies strategy. Once you’re able to apply these strategies appropriately, you will be able to defend yourself from Zombies.

Plant vs Zombies game is an interesting one. It has over a 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. This is to show you that the game is an addictive and strategic one. Of course, you would love to finish all those levels and show your friends that you’re able to do it.

Plants vs Zombies Strategy

There are two major types of Plants vs Zombies strategy.

1. The Walnut Strategy
2. The Fire strategy

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1. Walnut Strategy

This strategy helps you to buy some time, so you can be able to plant more weapons to defend yourself. To use the Walnut strategy, plant a sunflower first. After that, use the next funds to buy a Walnut and hold the first Zombie that is coming through.

Since more Zombies won’t come until you destroy the first two ones, drop a peashooter for the second zombie. While you keep doing all these, make sure you plant many sunflowers at the first roll.

So, this is how it works. The first roll should be for sunflower, the second and third roll should be for peashooter. Once you set it this way, you will crush any zombie that comes your way. This strategy is majorly for easier and medium levels.

2. The Fire strategy

This is the best when it comes to plants vs Zombies strategy. Do not underestimate this strategy. It destroys any type of zombie that comes your way, and I would love to share it with you.

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Firstly, plant a sunflower and count four lines. Then drop a Walnut at the 5th line. As you already know, this is to buy time to plant more sunflowers. Next, get a single peashooter to destroy the second zombie coming up while you keep planting more sunflowers.

Make sure the first and second line is filled with sunflowers and peashooters respectively. Next, plant a Twin Sunflower on the already existing sunflower. While you do these, fill the 3rd lines with peashooters too.

So, we have twin sunflower at the first line, single peashooter at the 2nd and 3rd line. That’s great. Now the next part is mind-blowing. You’re now about to send those Zombies to hell.

Get a Torchwood and plant at the 4th line to roast all zombies coming your way. Whenever. The peashooter pass through the Torchwood at the front, it carries fire to burn the zombies to hell. Next plant the Winter Melon to hit them hard and slow them down too.

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Finally, upgrade the ‘Peashooters’ to ‘Repeaters’. Also, upgrade the Repeaters to Gatling pea. With these, many peas will be coming out while it turns to fire before it devours the zombies to death.

How can I defend zombies attacking from the back?

Since there could be an attack from the back, plant Split Pea to help destroy the zombies at the back. Those zombies are the ones who dig through to attack and uproot your plants.

That’s the end of the plants vs zombies strategy. I’m sure it’s going to work for you. So, kindly share with your friends to help them defeat those Zombies too.

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