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FPL strategy to win prizes 2023

FPL strategy

Every member wants to win weekly, monthly, and the overall prizes in fantasy Premier League. But do you have what it takes to become the best? Here, you will get to know the best FPL strategy to win great prizes.

After going through FPL point system, you will discover that goals gives the highest point. A defender who scored a goal will earn more points than a midfielder, or striker. So, before we proceed, you must first master the points involved in the FPL.

You’re about to get the best team that should be unbeatable if you apply the following strategies. Don’t forget, you must make sure that you select first team players. To find first team players, check the player stats. If the player has over 25 games (start), he is a first team player.

FPL strategy


For the goalkeeper, you should go for the best goalkeeper with 5.0 amount. Also, select another goalkeeper with 4.5 to stay as a substitute. This is because you need to save some funds so that you can afford great players.

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Defenders earn the highest points when they score a goal or assist. That’s more reason why you need left back (LB) and right back (RB) players. These people have the chance to assist through crossing, or score a goal when attacking.

The center back (CB) players have less chance to score, to boost their game week points. They remain at the back to protect the goalkeeper and stop opponents from scoring, which prevents them to attempt to score unless during a corner kick.


Another FPL strategy you should apply is the use of goal scoring midfielders. The midfielders consist of the attacking midfielders (AM), Center Midfielders (CM), and Center Defensive Midfielder (CDM). Midfielder like Kante, Fabinho, and other defensive midfielders may perform well, but they lack goals.

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I’m focused on goals because it helps to boost a player’s points. Salah scored the highest points in FPL 2021/2022. He is a midfielder, but he played as a winger, which made him to score more goals. His penalty role helped a lot too. So, focus on goal scoring midfielders.


Here, you have to look for sharp strikers. Make sure one of your strikers belongs to a big team. This will help the striker to score more goals because more chances will be created for the players.

More details

The best FPL strategy remains that you must choose first team players. Select goal scoring players, no matter the position of the player. Also, players with penalty, or free kick roles.

Give captain armband to a player who performs well or scores frequently.

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Tips to select best players on fantasy Premier League (FPL) 2022/2023

Football fans go for the best. With this, most FPL members select the best performing players. You can check that be looking at the percentage of selection.

Top 5 selected goalkeepers before kick off

  1. Mendy (Chelsea): 26.3%
  2. Alison (Liverpool): 18.7%
  3. Sanchez (Brighton): 14.3%
  4. Ederson (Manchester City): 13.8%
  5. Raya (Brentford): 12.4%

Top 5 defenders selected defenders before kickoff

  1. Alexander Arnold (Liverpool): 54.9%
  2. Cancelo (Manchester City): 45%
  3. James (Chelsea): 43.9%
  4. Perisic (Tottenham Hotspur) 39.5%
  5. Cash (Aston Villa) 20.9%

Top 5 selected Midfielders before kickoff

  1. Salah (Liverpool) 58%
  2. Luis Dias (Liverpool) 30.9%
  3. Son (Tottenham Hotspur) 26.7
  4. Andreas (Fulham) 21.7%
  5. Neto (Wolves), Coutinho (Aston Villa), and Bruno (Newcastle): 20% +

Top 5 selected Forwards before kickoff

  1. Haaland (Manchester City) 68.1%
  2. Jesus (Arsenal) 59.2%
  3. Greenwood (Leeds) 28.3% (NB: Not a regular starter)
  4. Kane (Tottenham Hotspur) 19.0%
  5. Taylor (N. Forest) 11.3% (NB: Promoted from championship).

I hope this FPL strategy helps. You can comment below as you wish. Thanks for reading. Kindly share with your friends.

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