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Timo Werner wife | her name and relationship

Timo Werner wife

Timo Werner is currently a Chelsea player as at the time of writing this post. He was signed from Leipzig, and plays as a forward for Chelsea. A lot of people are asking ‘Who is Timo Werner wife‘?.

Without further ado, here you will discover the details concerning Timo Werner’s relationship. Also, you will find the biography, career, and educational level of his girlfriend.

Timo Werner wife

As at the time of writing this post, Timo Werner is not yet married. He has a girlfriend whose name is Julia Nagler.

They both met during their childhood days, and they have been friends till today. In the year 2017, Timo Werner, and Julia Nagler officially announced their relationship status to their fans, and everyone was happy about that.

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They lived in Leipzig before moving to London when Chelsea signed Werner. The two couple don’t post much concerning their relationship as they maintain a high privacy concerning their togetherness.

Who is Nagler Julia?

Nagler Julia is Timo Werner’s girlfriend. She has been in a long term relationship with him. She became popular because of the Chelsea star, but she always maintained a low profile on social media.

Julia Nagler Biography

We’re able to discover that Julia Nagler is 25 years old as of 2022. She was born in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1997. She is a German by nationality, same with Timo Werner.


Julia Nagler graduated from the International School of Stuttgart high school, and she was a brilliant student. After being a high school graduate, she enrolled in university, and got her degree there from the GISMA Business School.

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After our research, we couldn’t find much information about what she currently does at the moment. She always maintains a low profile. We can only gather that she works as a housewife at the moment.

In conclusion, those who asked about Timo Werner wife can now be aware that he is not married at the moment. He only has a girlfriend.

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