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Summary of Harvest of Corruption by Frank Ogbeche

Summary of Harvest of Corruption

Harvest of corruption is a play written by Frank Ogodo Ogbeche. The play is all about the corruption in the society and how it was ended with the help of Ogeyi, and the State Security Service (SSS). On this blog, you will discover the summary of harvest of corruption by Frank Ogodo Ogbeche.

Background of the author

Frank Ogodo Ogbeche is from Nigeria, Cross Rivers state, Yala. He attended his secondary education in Lagos state. He also, went to Federal school of Arts in Cross Rivers state. The author studied Communication Arts in Cross Rivers state university, Calabar.

Plot Summary of Harvest of Corruption

The play opens in an office in the minister of external relations. Aloho meets Ochuole by chance. She tells him about not being able to secure a Job since returning from service. On hearing that, Ochuole promised to secure a job for her.

With time, the level of corruption in the country begins to grow bigger. The Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Yakubu, lamented on the high level of bribery and corruption. He also, continued his investigation.

Even at that, Chief Haladu Ade Amaka visited Justice Odili. He claimed he wanted to pay homage and respect to Justice Odildi. For protection, Chief Haladu Ade Amaka offered the Justice a huge amount of money so that he can continue to carry out his unlawful activities.

Aloho later got the Job. Her first work was to deliver some documents for Chief Haladu Ade Amaka. On her way to the United States, she was arrested for being in possession of hard drugs. As usual, Chief Haladu offered Justice Odili a huge amount of money to cover up and end the case.

At the other hand, ACP, Yakubu, had to continue with the investigation of two billion Naira in the ministry of external relations under the leadership of Chief Haladu Ade Amaka.

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The consequences

When Aloho came back, she wept bitterly, wishing that she is dead. She couldn’t stand the pain of what she passed through in the hands of Chief Haladu Ade Amaka especially having a secret affair with him before getting the job.

After Aloho lost her job, she confessed to Ogeyi about the affair she had with the Chief which led to her been pregnant. Ogeyi was shocked to hear that as she never expected such. Aloho moves a motion to terminate her pregnancy but Ogeyi goes against Aloho’s intention to abort the baby.

Aloho went to Wazobia hospital where she will abort her pregnant. The doctor advised her that it’s criminal and not healthy to do such. She had to bribe the doctor to terminate her pregnancy. The doctor told her to come back in two weeks time.

Ogeyi had to visit ACP Yakubu, and informed him of what is going on. He told the ACP about the atrocities Chief Haladu Ade Amaka has been committing, including sleeping with and impregnating Aloho. She also, reported how the Chief used Aloho to push a drug that made her to be arrested by the security.

The ACP had to record everything. He sent the recorded voice note to the president who will ask the State Security Service (SSS) to start investigation concerning the issue.

On the other side, Aloho was still attempting to terminate her pregnancy. She remembered Ogeyi’s advice and had to heed to that, and decide not to terminate her pregnancy. She had to travel to meet her family.

The State Security Service (SSS) went to the office of internal relations and arrested Chief Haladu Ade Amaka, Ochuole, and Ayo to their headquarters for further investigation.

How the corruption ended

During Aloho’s childbirth, she died in the process, but her child was alive. Before she died she was always calling Ogeyi’s name. Aloho’s younger brother, Okpotu, had to visit Ogeyi to inform her about the incident that occurred and the demise of Aloho. She was shocked to hear that. She promised to avenge the death of Aloho and make sure that justice is served.

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Chief Haladu Ade Amaka, and his accomplices were charged to court. His accomplices are the Chief judge, Justice Odili, Mr. Ayo, Ochuole, and Madam Hoha. They were all charged for bribery and corruption. Chief Haladu’s defense council tried their best to bail them but their efforts all failed. They were all sentence to prison.

The punishment

The Chief Justice was sentence to twenty years imprisonment, Mr. Ayo, ten year imprisonment, Madam Hoha, ten years imprisonment, and Ochuole, ten years imprisonment. The judge ended the court meeting by using his gravel to hit on the table. The policemen led the prisoners away to where they can serve their punishment.

Themes of Harvest of Corruption

  • Drug trafficking
  • Corruption
  • Betrayal of public trust

Drug trafficking

Chief Haladu Ade Amaka is the mastermind behind the drug trafficking in the country. He uses people or his accomplices to run his drug trafficking business. When caught, he will bribe the judge and cover all evidence.


With the looting and mismanagement of the ministry of external relation’s funds, there was a high increase in the level of corruption in the country. Even before a job is being offered to the employee, the employers would ask to sleep with the lady before the job will be offered to her.

Through the report and evidence of Ogeyi’s speech to Yakubu, which was recorded and sent to the President who asked the State Security Service to investigate the matter, those who committed atrocities in the country were arrested.

Betrayal of public trust

Chief Haladu Ade Amaka is the minister of external relations. He misused the public trust the citizens gave to him. Haladu betrayal to the public resulted to more atrocities being committed in the country.

Characters of Harvest of Corruption

  • Chief Haladu Ade Amaka
  • Aloho
  • Ochuole
  • Ogeyi
  • Yakubu
  • Inspector Inaku
  • Ayo
  • Justice Odili
  • Okpotu
  • Madam Hoha
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Chief Haladu Ade Amaka

Chief Haladu Ade Amaka is the minister of external relations. He snuggles goods and bribe the policemen to cover up his illicit activities.


Aloho is the lady whom Ochuole helped to get a Job. She is the main character of this play. She never listened to Ogeyi’s advice which led to her untimely death.


Ochuole is an old friend of Aloho, who promised to get a job for her. She was sent to 10 years imprisonment for involving in bribery and corruption.


Ogeyi is the person who advised Aloho not to take the Job Ochuole offered to her. He is a friend to Aloho. With the help of Ogeyi, the culprits were arrested and jailed.


Yakubu is an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP).

Inspector Inaku

Inspector Inaku is someone who assist ACP Yakubu at work.


Ayo is a cleric officer. Ochuole is his colleague.


Okpotu is Aloho’s younger brother.

Madam Hoha

Madam Hoha is the manager of the hotel known as Akpara. People call her “Cash Madam” because of the wealth she has achieved.

Settings of Harvest of Corruption

The setting of the play is located in Jabu (a fictional city) Darkin, Abuja, Nigeria.

Moral lesson on Harvest of Corruption

After going through the summary of harvest of corruption, these are moral lesson you should learn from it.

Aloho never listened to his friend Ogeyi, who advised her not to go for the job Ochuole got for her. She went ahead and took the job and later regret it. On getting the job, Aloho got arrested when she was caught with drugs, she was impregnated by her boss, and she died during childbirth.

All these happened because she couldn’t take heed of the advice Ogeyi gave to her. Again, she accepted to sleep with Chief Haladu Ade Amaka in order to secure the job. That was already a red flag, but she ignored all that and met her untimely death.

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