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Ambush By Gbemisola Adeoti Summary

Ambush By Gbemisola Adeoti Summary

Are you searching for the poem ‘Ambush by Gbemisola Adeoti? Or ‘The Summary of Ambush by Gbemisola Adeoti? Keep reading to discover that. Ambush is a poem written by Gbemisola Adeoti on this blog. The theme, details, and Summary are all discussed below.

‘Ambush’ was composed by Gbemisola Adeoti who is a professor of English language at O.A.U (Obafemi Awolowo University) Nigeria. She is a Nigerian citizen belonging to the Yoruba ethnic group.

Ambush poem

The land is a giant wale that swallows the sinker, with hook, line and bait abortion dreams of a good catch fishers turn home at the dusk, blue peter on empty ships all Peters with Petered out desires.

The land is a saber-toothed tiger, that cries deep in the glade, while infant shudder home the grizzled ones snatch their gut from bayonets of tribulation halting venturous walk at dusk.

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The land is a giant hawk, that courts unceasing disaster as it hovers and hoots in space.

The land lies patiently ahead awaiting in ambush those who point away from a direction where nothing happens towards the shore of possibilities.

Ambush By Gbemisola Adeoti summary

The poem talks about sociopolitical realities of the post independence county, having lived through military dictatorship, and the transition into democratic era and experiencing the continual attributes of a country, having a continuous trend with corruption, underdevelopment, unemployment, broken dreams, and inefficient leaders.

Theme of Ambush By Gbemisola Adeoti

  • Hopelessness (helplessness)
  • Failed political leadership
  • Danger
  • Fear and intimidation
  • Unrealized aspiration (broken dreams)
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The theme of danger

The poet made it known with the use of the following words like “swallows”, “cries”, “snatch”, “tribulations”, “disasters”, and created dreadful agents of death like “a giant wale”, “a saber-toothed tiger”, “a giant hawk”, to carry out fear and danger.

Theme of hopelessness (helplessness)

Hopelessness is a nation full of hardworking people appeared in the language of the poem speaker. With the use of symbolism, whale, stood as the symbol of hopelessness, swallowing every effort and attempt of the citizen to the extent of petering out their desires and made them return home without catching a fish.

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