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CV format in Nigeria 2024

CV format in Nigeria

A good curriculum vitae gets a good job for the owner. You may have good skills and credentials, but the way you arrange your CV is important. If you’re looking for CV (Curriculum vitae) format in Nigeria, here, you will discover the latest CV format in Nigeria.

Most of the job applications require a CV before you will be accepted into their organization or firm. Apart from the CV format in Nigeria, you have to make it easier for the reader or the person interviewing you to understand.

CV format in Nigeria

The latest and standard CV format in Nigeria is arranged accordingly. They are; Name, Address, Email address, phone number, objectives, profile details, education, work experience, interest/hobby, skills, and referees.


You must identify your name boldly in capital letters at the top of the C.V (Curriculum vitae). Make sure this name matches with the names in your original documents.


This is required so that, they can know where you live and be able to contact you in person if needed. Make sure you don’t lie in your address. Make it simple and neat.

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Email address

If you don’t have an email address, you can visit or others to get an email address. About 30% of when a person is being informed that he/she has been offered the job is sent through email.

Phone number

This is an important part of your CV. If you qualify for a job, some companies may not visit you, neither will they contact through email. Even if they do, you may not get in touch in time. Make sure your phone number is written correctly.


Without any objective, the C V (Curriculum vitae) is almost useless. Your objective is to convince the interview about you been eligible for the joy. In your objective, you have to state your aim and what value you would offer.

A good objective can help you secure a job so that, you can make money in Nigeria.

Profile details

This is a great part in CV format in Nigeria. The profile details will disclose where you come from and other important details about you. You should include your date of birth, sex, marital status, state of origin, and local government area.

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Your educational qualifications will help to show how eligible you are for the job you want to apply for. Here you should indicate the names of the schools you attended. Also, include the start and end year of each school you attend.

If you wish, you can, in bracket, add the certificate you get from each particular school.

Work experience

The CV format in Nigeria allows owners of the CV to include their work experience. If you have worked in any place before, you can add it to your CV under the ‘work experience’ category.


Here you will be able to display a social part of you. List out what interests you. Also, add the hobby. This will help the manager or the interviewer to understand your social life.


This is a secret option that most companies look out for. Not everyone has good skills to manage a particular job. It could be communication skills, computer skills e.t.c. Make sure you add at least two skills. If you have computer skills, that’s a great boost.

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This is the last page of CV format in Nigeria. You must have two or more referees. The referees are vital in your curriculum vitae. So, do not forget to add anyone in your CV.

Fresh graduate CV format in Nigeria

As a fresh graduate, I’m sure you must be searching for ‘Fresh Graduate CV format in Nigeria’. Don’t panic. The CV format in Nigeria is almost the same. The difference is that some graduates do not have official work experience.

So, if you’re a fresh graduate and you’re preparing your CV. Check if you have assisted any boss, relative or friend in a shop, organization, or firm. Any work you did there, add it as work experience.

In conclusion, the above listed and explained information is the current and standard CV format in Nigeria. If you have been looking for a format on how to write a CV, I’m sure this content has explained everything. Don’t forget to share with your friend.

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