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How to make money in Nigeria as a teenager

How to make money in Nigeria as a teenager

Are you searching for ‘How to make money in Nigeria as a teenager‘? So not panic. Using my experience and research, I will be writing on the topic ‘how to make money in Nigeria as a teenager‘. Keep reading to discover that.

A teenager can be defined as someone who is from the age of 13 (thirteen) to 19 (nineteen). They are called teenagers because of the ‘teen’ in the word. So, if you’re 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, or 19, you’re a teenager.

A lot of teenagers are jobless not because they are lazy, but because they are not able to discover how to make money as a teenager they are. It all depends on your efforts, and consistency. Most teenagers have what it takes to earn some real income, and that’s why I’m here to reveal those strategies on how to earn money in Nigeria as a teenager.

Without further ado, I assure you that after going through this content, you should be able to pick a conducive option on how to make money as a teenager and work for it.

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How to make money in Nigeria as a teenager

There are a lot of ways a teenager can make money in Nigeria. These include:

  • Blogging
  • Graphics design
  • Use of social media
  • Drawing/creativity
  • Dancing
  • Celebration days


As a teenager, if you have the financial support of your parents, you can venture into part-time Blogging. This works well for teenagers between the age of 18 to 19 years. Such age is required so that you can be eligible to receive payment from most ad companies, directly into your own bank account.

But if you’re not up to 18 years as a teenager, your parents or guardian will help you to withdraw your funds. All you need is a blog, and creative contents to post online for people to visit. You can either choose to advertise for an individual, or advertising company such as Google AdSense.

Graphics design

Well, some teenagers are talented. Many of them are creative. They know how to design flyers, edit images, which can earn them some money. These teenagers can earn some money randomly doing this work as a part-time.

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Use of social media

Since Tik-Tok platform is one of the most popular social media earning tool in Nigeria, teenagers who are able to access social media can create account, post contents, and earn some money.

The use of a mobile device is not only for chatting online, with a lot of social media applications online, teenagers can earn from there.


This is one of the best way a teenager should be able to make money while in Nigeria. If you have a good image of a popular celebrity you drew, you can ask someone to post in online for you, attaching your image too. Once the person who you drew sees it, he/she might be moves to donate some funds to encourage you more.

Again, having a creative object invented or crafted by you can also earn you some money. This is because when people see such object, they will be amazed by how a teenager creates such. Surely, they will be tempted to donate some money to encourage your creativity.


I have seen a lot of talented teenage dancers. In fact, most teenagers can dance well nowadays, and people love that. You can earn some money when you dance in marriage ceremonies, birthdays, or organized teenage ceremony.

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Note: Please don’t go if you’re not invited, or if you don’t know the celebrant.

Celebration days

There are a lot of celebration days in the world. These include Christmas for Christians, Sallah for Muslim, e.t.c. On the day of the celebration, you can wish your older ones happy Christmas, or Happy Sallah. In return, they could offer you some gift or money.

It is not compulsory for them to give you money, as it is not the major reason for celebrating. It is just alternative. With that, you can earn some money, and gifts to your pocket and bag respectively.

It is important you focus on your studies and acquisition of more skills, while you use your little time to make money as well.

I hope that on this blog, you have learnt how to make money in Nigeria as a teenager. Kindly share to your fellow teenagers. You can leave a reply on the comment section.

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