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Summary of The Rejected Child by Tina Bogwu

Summary of The Rejected Child by Tina Bogwu

The Rejected Child is a novel written by Tina Bogwu. The novel is interesting, and educative. The book, which was written by Tina Bogwu, is a story about a girl who was rejected and then became the cornerstone. The book talks about someone who was rejected, and she went ahead to become someone very important in the society.

In this summary, you will be able to discover the characters, theme, full story, and others concerning The Rejected Child story.

Summary of The Rejected Child by Tina Bogwu

Kilani is a poor farmer but lives happily with his wife Kashimawo and their daughter Omolaso. They had a meal on his farm settlement while they were farming, and he leaves to do some work on the farm. He left his family to do some work on the farm, but he was bitten by a snake. His screams attracted Baba Oju whose farm was next to Kilanis’.

So, Baba Oju rushed to Kilani’s aid. Kilani’s wife Kashimawo and his daughter Omolaso came out weeping profusely, having been told of the snake bite. He did not survive the snakebite because he died shortly after.

After Kilani’s death, life becomes tough for Kashimawo and Omolaso. Kilani left them with no money or food. They decided to go to the city to beg for arms, to see if they can find some food to eat.

On one particular day, a young Woman, Dr. Mrs Ada Omawunmi sees them begging and take pity on them after listening to the brief story if Kilani’s death. She takes them to her house and end up giving Kashimawo a job as a house help with a salary of 60,000. Her job is to take care of the entire house.

Dr. Mrs Ada is married to a man called Engr. Kola Omawunmi, whom she met when they were both undergraduate at the university in their final year. Ada was a medical doctor, while Kola was studying to become an Engineer. The both when they met at the university cafeteria while they were eating. Kola had asked to join Ada on her table, which she accepted, and he immediately requested to be her friend. That was the relationship between Ada and Kola started.

Both later recalled that they once received lectures together as freshers in a course handled by professor Chikanter from Sri Lanka. Ada leave and drop her phone number with Kola. On the send-off party organized in honor of the graduating student, Kola proposed to Ada, and she accepted. They got married in Nigeria and after three years of marriage, they had a son named Ayo.

Due to childbirth complications experienced during Ayo’s pregnancy, both Kola and Ada decided to put a stop to childbearing. Ayo remain their only child and son.

Ayo later became a grown-up and notices Omolaso whom he sees as beautiful and big. He sneaks to boys quarters all the time to see Omolaso. He tries severally to molest her but she refused. Then, he noticed that Omolaso won’t give in. He decided to do it the hard way. He then intimidated her and promise to throw her out of his house considering the fact that they are working for his parents. If he says anything, his parents might supposedly believe in him. Ayo later succeeded in defiling Omolaso in the end, and threatens her not to tell anyone about it.

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After three months, doctor Ada notices pregnancy signs in Omolaso, and calls Kashimawo’s attention to it. Kashimawo was so angry on her daughter and was so tough on her, but the doctor told her that violence would not resolve the matter. Omolaso was asked to name who was responsible for her pregnancy. She said it was Ayo. She went on to narrate how Ayo intimidated her and forcefully had sexual intercourse with her.

Ayo denied being responsible for Omolaso’s pregnancy. He even called Omolaso a brat and went on to say that she is a wayward child and doesn’t deserve to be in their house. Ayo requested from his parents that Omolaso and Kashimawo should pack out of his house. He requested that because he felt that it could be the only way to stop his parents from suspecting him.

Engineering Kola and Doctor Ada Omawunmi decided to rent an apartment for Kashimawo and Omolaso. They were taking care of them, and still giving them stipend. Six months later, Omolaso gave birth to a wonderful baby girl. The naming was sponsored by Engr. Kola and his wife. He knew that their son, Ayo, was responsible for Omolaso’s pregnancy. They were also sad for bringing up such a child. They submitted three names of babies to the pastor. The baby was later named Opeyemi.

Ayo later got married to a lady called Nneka, whom he met in Oklahoma while studying, but his parents did not attend the wedding because they were still upset with him. Ayo and Nneka had no child after marriage, and this brings a little quarrel and each put blame on each other. But four years later, Nneka gave birth to twins named Mary and Joseph. The twins choose to study engineering in the university of Lincoln after their secondary education in Nigeria.

The twins vow never to visit Nigeria again as they condemn the way their father usually gets drunk, and beat up their mother. They doubted if love existed between the two of them. Ayo became an irresponsible father. He would get drunk, and come back to beat up his wife.

Mary and Joseph were caught doing exam malpractice and were deported to Nigeria. They started living wayward lifestyle and their parents did not even care about how they live. They later got admission into Ogun state University, and stared all over again. While in the school, Mary goes wild in dressing while Joseph start taking drugs. Joseph became a leader of a deadly cult group, while Mary became a member of another cult group. The twins (Mary and Joseph) later died the same day.

Mary dies of concoction for the blood oath on her initiation day, while Joseph dies fighting another cult group in a gun duel. Only Mary’s corpse was taken to Ayo’s compound. Joseph’s body was never found. There was great weeping and mourning in Ayo’s compound.

Meanwhile, Omolaso’s daughter, Opeyemi, was given a scholarship to study in any university of her choice. Opeyemi later becomes a surgeon, and she meets Doctor Kwame in Ghana, whom she intends to get married to. Omolaso too had gone back to school after she gave birth to Opeyemi, and had become a professional nurse.

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Ayo was later delivered of drunkenness by a pastor, and the wife battery becomes a born again. He attended Opeyemi’s wedding to Dr. Kwame, and he indicated that he is the true father of Opeyemi. He begged for forgiveness from Kashimawo and Omolaso whom he impregnated and abandoned. He said that he was too ashamed to get married to an uneducated lady, and he couldn’t stand the embarrassment of marrying a maid.

Ayo’s parent pleaded on his behalf and doctor Ada Omowunmi willed her hospital to Opeyemi as she is the only surviving grand child.

Theme of The Rejected Child by Tina Bogwu

  • Education is the key to success.
  • Love.
  • Consequences of bad habit.
  • Regrets and repentance.
  • The pains of poverty.
  • The intimidation and sexual molestation.

Education is the key to success

From the novel, The Rejected Child by Tina Bogwu, we can see the impact of education to success. Almost all characters attended university and became successful at the end. Omolaso who was raped, ended up going back to school to become a professional nurse. Also, Opeyemi the rejected child become a surgeon because she had access to education which came through scholarship opportunity. Education is very important.


We can find the theme of love that existed between Kola and Ada. Kola fell in love with Ada the very moment he set his eyes on her and did not give up until Ada becomes his wife. Love also, existed in the Omawunmi’s family and the Kashimawo’s family. The Omawunmis showed so much love for Kashimawo and her daughter, Omolaso. They didn’t send them back to the stress when Ayo denied being responsible for the Omolaso’s pregnancy. They took care of them, and that’s love.

Consequences of bad habit

We can find the consequences of bad habits in the character of Ayo and his children. Ayo formed the habit of getting drunk, and end up beating his wife and children when he comes back home. Joseph, who is the son of Ayo, later learned the bad habit of drinking too, and later upgraded to smoking. Mary also, join cult group while in university which also due to bad habit. Joseph and Mary both died as a result of the bad habit.

Regrets and repentance

Ayo lived a terrible life which includes being always drunk and beating his wife and children after that. He also, raped and deny that he got Omolaso pregnant. However, he later became remorseful and regrets his act. He repented and accepted Opeyemi as his daughter.

The pains of poverty

Kashimawo and Omolaso suffered in the hands of Ayo because they were poor. Ayo threatened them with eviction if they do not comply with his demands. Due to the threat, Omolaso was not able to inform anyone about her being raped by Ayo. These were all pains of poverty. If Kashimawo was rich, all these wouldn’t have been happening.

Sexual molestation and intimidation

In the novel, The Rejected Child by Tina Bogwu, Ayo sexually intimidates and molests the helpless Omolaso. The fact that Omolaso doesn’t want to return to begging on the streets made her yield to Ayo’s threat. She kept the secret of the sexual molestation all to herself, especially when she doesn’t know that it would result in pregnancy.

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The setting of The Rejected Child by Tina Bogwu

The setting of The Rejected Child is at three places which are;

  • The United Kingdom.
  • The United States of America
  • Nigeria.

Characters of The Rejected Child by Tina Bogwu

Below are the list of characters of The Rejected Child by Tina Bogwu. They are:

  • Kola
  • Ada
  • Ayo
  • Kashimawo
  • Omolaso
  • Kilani
  • Opeyemi
  • Dr. Kwame
  • Engr. Sule Omowunmi
  • Mary
  • Joseph
  • Nneka


Kola is the only child of Engr. Sule Omowunmi, and Dr. Mrs Omawunmi. He is an engineer by profession who got married to Dr. Ada whole he met at a cafeteria in the university of Massachusetts. Kola is kind-hearted, and he also does assist the poor.


Dr. Ada is the wife of Engr. Sule Omowunmi. She is the person that brought Kashimawo and Omolaso to her house when she saw them begging and took pity on them. Ada is a medical doctor by profession.


Ayo is the only child (son) of Ada and Sule. Ayo got married to Nneka. They gave birth to Mary and Joseph, who are twin. He (Ayo) was the one who was delivered from drunkenness by a pastor.


Kashimawo is the wife of Kylani. She is the mother of Omolaso. She was the one who took her daughter to the town, so they can beg for food to eat because they had none.


Omolaso is the daughter of Mr. Kylani and Mrs Kylani Kashimawo. She was impregnated by Ayo through rape, and she gave birthday to Opeyemi. She later went on to become a professional nurse.


Kylani is the husband to Kashimawo, and the father of Omolaso. He is a poor farmer who died by a snake bite at the farm. Death took him away, and he left nothing to his wife and child because he is a poor.


Opeyemi is the daughter of Omolaso. She is a surgeon by making/profession. She is the wife of Dr. Kwame.

Dr. Kwame

Dr. Kwame is the husband of Opeyemi.

Engr. Sule Omowunmi

Engr. Sule Omowunmi is the father of Kola. He is also, the husband of Dr. Ada. Kashimawo and Omolaso was brought to live with them by his wife.


Mary is the daughter of Ayo and, a brother to Joseph. Due to her bad behavior, she died of concoction for the blood oath during cult initiation.


Joseph is the son of Ayo. He is also, a brother to Mary. He died fighting another cult group in a gun duel. His body was never found.


Nneka is the wife of Ayo. She is the mother of Joseph and Mary.

What students/people should learn from this novel.

Poverty is a dangerous disease. Therefore, one should be able to have something doing to be able to, at least, feed his/herself or family. Kashimawo and Omolaso suffered because they had nothing. Kilani, the father of Kashimawo left nothing for them.

Drunkenness is bad. It is a bad habit, and it can lead one to do bad things he or she does not want to. It is very important to stay away from alcohol, for you can’t control the intake. Also check out Save The African Womb by Nicole Chinelo

Education remains the best. Despite the economic situation of any country or state, it is important that one should try to be educated as much as he/she can afford. From the story above, Opeyemi, through education, became a surgeon.

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