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Summary Of Faceless By Amma Darko

Summary Of Faceless

Faceless is a novel written by Amma Darko. The novel revolves around the death of Baby T. Her sister, Fofo, and Kabria were now working to uncover what caused the death of Baby T. Also, who are those involved in Baby T’s death? On this blog, you will discover the summary of Faceless by Amma Darko.

Faceless also, tells about the daily struggle of children who try by any means to survive in the streets. Below are what you will see in this content e.t.c.

  • Summary of Faceless Amma Darko
  • Plot summary of Faceless
  • Author’s background
  • Analysis of Faceless
  • Theme of Faceless
  • Characters of Faceless
  • Settings of Faceless
  • Chapters of Faceless summary

Author’s background

The author who wrote ‘Faceless’ is a Ghanaian writer and researcher. In 2008, she received the most important literary prize (The Ghana book award) in her country. Her novel, ‘Faceless’ was selected and added to the list of West African Examination Council for senior secondary school, which now belongs to West African school Canon.

Summary of Faceless by Amma Darko | Plot of the novel

Faceless is about the death of Baby T, a child prostitute who was murdered and mutilated by unknown men in a Market square. Fofo who is 14 years and the younger sister of Baby T. luckily meet a Kabria. She is an NGO (MUTE company) worker who took up Baby T’s case to unravel the cause of her death, and those involved in her death.

Fofo is a child who was left alone in the streets with no mother or father. She had to struggle for survival alone. Also, she has an elder sister who is called Baby T. Baby T. was sold into prostitution by her mother’s lover. She tried to resist her uncle when she was offered to him to have fun with, and that led to her death.

However, for Fofo to survive, she has to wash carrots in the market, and do other activities which they call Sodom and Gomorrah. The Sodom and Gomorrah activities there include watching of adult movies, taking alcohol, e.t.c. Fofo dream to live in a comfortable apartment of her own.

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One day, As Fofo was sleeping, a notorious man named ‘Poison’ attempted to rape her. She had to run to her friend, Odarley, for help. When she met Odarley, she told her about Poison’s attempted to rape her.

On getting home, Maa Tsuru, the mother of Fofo, informed her about the death of her sister Baby T, who was killed by Poison. The killer, Poison, also threatened her to remain silent about the death of her daughter. Fofo’s mother can only urge her to leave for her safety.

How Kabria and Fofo get to know each other

In the market, when everyone gathered to see the dead body of Baby T. lying on the floor, Fofo grabbed Kabria’s bag and ran away. She was caught by angry mobs who wanted to beat her up. Kabria intercepted and saved Fofo’s life from the hands of the angry mobs.

Fofo went ahead to tell Kabria about the identity of the lifeless body in the market. She told Kabria that the dead lady lying down in the market is her elder sister. Also, she informed Kabria that nobody tried to investigate what happened to her sister.

To conceal the true identity of the dead body in the market, it was alleged that the dead body is Kayayoo who was a market porter from the north. MUTE (the governmental organization where Kabria works) got interested in the issue and decided to investigate the matter. They also, temporary, took Fofo into their custody for security reasons.

Fofo and investigation by MUTE later uncover the circumstances of Baby T’s death. Which revealed that Poison, Kpakpo and Onko were involved in her death.

Earlier, before the death of Baby T.

Baby T’s father abandoned them because he believed that Maa Tsuru, their mother, is cursed from birth. Kpakpo who is Maa Tsuru second lover was busy taking advantage of Baby T. sexually. Not only that, Onko who lived in the same compound with them, also defiled Baby T.

Baby T. was later sold out to prostitute through Kpakpo’s gimmicks because he was trying to cover up his evil deed. She was forced to work as a child prostitute in a brothel. Her earnings are being sent to her mother (Maa Tsuru), who don’t even care about her child. Maa Tsuru’s first two sons have to leave her house because they can’t stand the presence of another man not treating them well.

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Kpakpo later offered Baby T. to Poison (The notorious street Lord). When Baby T. remembered what Kpakpo did to her, she declined. Poison slapped and beat her up. Baby T. was later found dead on a concrete floor in Onko’s room. Onko committed suicide thereafter.

They planned getting her pubic hair, which they want to use to revoke the issue. That’s why she was mutilated.

Theme of Faceless by Amma Darko

Now, let’s take a look at the theme of Faceless by Amma Darko. The theme of Faceless are:

  • Betrayal of trust
  • Discrimination against women
  • Street Fatherism
  • Parental neglect
  • Superstition/false belief
  • Failed governance

Betrayal of trust

In this novel, betray of trust was seen in the chapter, when Baby T trusted Onko and revealed to him what Kpakpo has been doing to her. Onko took advantage of her and still raped Baby T.

Discrimination against women

The discrimination against women can be seen in this novel when Maa Tsuru’s husband (Kwei) left her and his children. His reason was that Maa Tsuru is cursed. On the other hand, we can also, see the discrimination against women when Poison attempted to rape Fofo. He also beat and killed Baby T.

Furthermore, Kpakpo and Onko took advantage of Baby T as they raped her too. Kpakpo was the one who mastermind the plan for Baby T to become a child prostitute.

Street Fatherism

In the ‘Faceless’ novel, Poison was the one who connects different dealers in the street. He is brutal and a notorious street Lord.

Parental neglect

The theme of parental neglect can be seen because Poison, Fofo, Baby T, and Odarley were all neglected by their parents, which made them to turn into what they are. If their parents didn’t neglect and took care of them, they wouldn’t have encountered such rough lives.

Superstition/false belief

Faceless novel reveals that superstitious belief always becloud people’s sense of judgement. Kwei the husband of Maa Tsuru believed that her wife is cursed at birth.

Failed governance

In the ‘Faceless’ novel, the government were not able to pick up an investigation concerning the death of their citizen, Baby T. MUTE, a non-governmental organization where Kabria works came and pick up the interest of investigating what happened.

They had to offer Fofo shelter for security, and later unravel the cause of Baby T’s death.

Characters of Faceless by Amma Darko

  • Fofo
  • Baby T.
  • Kabria
  • Poison
  • Odarley
  • Maa Tsuru
  • Obea, Essie and Ottu
  • Kpakpo
  • Onko
  • Kwei
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Fofo is the fourth daughter in her family, and a 14 years old girl. She is the younger sister of Baby T. She met Kabria to help her investigate what ended the life of her sister.

Baby T.

Baby T is the third child of Maa Tsuru, and a prostitute. She was killed by unknown men, and her parts mutilated at the market.


Kabria is an NGo worker whom Fofo met to help her investigate the cause of her sister’s death.


Poison is a street Lord, and a notorious dealer. He is quite known for raping women and attacking girls. Not only that, he attempted to rape Fofo in the slum close to the market.


Odarley is a friend of Fofo in the slum. Fofo ran to her when Poison, a street Lord, wanted to rape her.

Maa Tsuru

Maa Tsuru is the mother is the mother of Fofo. She was the one that informed Fofo about the death of her sister, and urge her to leave for her safety.

Obea, Essie and Ottu

Obea, Essie and Ottu are the children of the NGo worker whose name is Kasie.


Kpakpo is the second lover of Maa Tsuru. He is the one abusing Baby T, which made her to become a prostitute.


Onko is a generous uncle who lived in the same compound with Baby T. He was the one that further defiled Baby T.


Kwei is the father of Baby T. and Fofo. He abandoned them and left with the reason that their mother is cursed from birth.

Settings of Faceless by Amma Darko

The events in the novel, happen everywhere in Africa, including Nigeria. The settings of Faceless is Accra, with location like, Agbogbloshie market, Slum, and Sodom and Gomorrah.

Moral lesson of Faceless by Amma Darko

The moral lesson we should learn from this novel, ‘Faceless’, is that poverty and bad parenting can lead to child abuse. Parents should not neglect their children. In the novel, all street characters were being neglected by their parents. Kwei left his wife, and relocated to another place, which made those children to live without a father.

Also, children should learn to differentiate between the good and the bad. The notorious street man, Poison, who is a heartless man never stop doing evil in the Slum, which is nearer to the market.

Finally, no matter what happened, try to speak up so that your life won’t be in danger. If Fofo didn’t meet with Kabria who is an NGO worker, she wouldn’t have unraveled what happened to her sister.

In this summary of Faceless by Amma Darko, I hope you learned a lot and understood the content. Kindly share to your friends

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