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360 degree challenge TikTok

360 degree challenge TikTok

Are you searching for 360 degree challenge TikTok? Do you really want to participate and have fun? It’s going to be entertaining. Here, you will get a tutorial, and other important information concerning the challenge.

One of the most popular activities on TikTok is dancing. But this 360 challenge on TikTok is done with your phone, and music. Check the tutorial as you continue reading.

What is the meaning of 360 degree challenge?

It is actually a trend on TikTok platform, done with a mobile device. You have to position your hand, and phone properly before you can be able to do the challenge.

360 degree challenge TikTok

To do the challenge on TikTok by yourself,

  • Hold your phone, covering the screen with your hand.
  • Stretch out your hand, and position it as if you’re telling someone to wait.
  • Wave to your right, until your finger is facing down.
  • Finally, bring your hand to the normal position. You have to pause as you do that to match the song.
  • "<yoastmark
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How to use 360 degree challenge on TikTok with music

To join the challenge,

  • Launch your TikTok application.
    Select discover and search for ‘360 challenge‘.
  • Choose any video with the original song ‘Take it off by Kesha‘.
  • Tap on the song name.
  • Finally, select ‘Use this sound‘.

You can decide to add filters and make other necessary edit, if you wish.

How do I get a video tutorial of 360 degree challenge?

To get a video tutorial, showing the challenge, visit YouTube, or TikTok. Use the search option to search the sentence ‘360 degree challenge’. I recommend you do that on TikTok.

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What is the name of the song used in 360 degree challenge?

The name of the song used in 360 degree challenge on TikTok is Take It Off by Kesha.

The idea of the fun is if you can do it to the best. Some are wondering how people actually rotate their hand in a 360 angle. Well, I hope you have learned the 360 degree challenge TikTok. Kindly share with your friends.

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