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5 most important reasons why you should choose education job as a career

5 most important reasons why you should choose education job as a career

Hello have you been confused, disturbed and worried on teaching as a career job, here is some fascinating teaching career information and reasons why you should invest in a teaching career.

Teaching as one of the most lucrative jobs out there has amazing benefits why one needs to invest in it. Teachers can have a major impact on the lives of their learners.

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in education, such as teaching.

1. Learn and improves themselves as they teach

Children ask a lot of questions, and it is necessary for teachers to know the answers to give. By so doing, you need to be constantly learning in order to satisfy the zeal and thirst for knowledge that runs in their blood. That’s not all! Not only do you get to learn about new interesting subjects while you teach them, but you also gain a lot of other invaluable skills including classroom discipline, public speaking, presentation skills, leadership and management skills.

Whether you are brushing up on your calculative skills, historical events, or improving in your level of innovation, your knowledge base is constantly accumulating. The learning will help you by giving you more confidence in the classroom, and this what makes teaching in education unique and profitable.

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2. Teaching reforms generation.

Choosing teaching in education as a career gives you the opportunity and privilege of making an impact on society by shaping the next generation through providing them the tools and knowledge to form their own opinions, make a contribution, and influence society in the future.

However, many teachers do so much, more than simply teach a subject material in educational sectors. It is usually the job of a teacher to teach problem solutions, teamwork, to encourage initiative and to build self-esteem synergy. The teaching career is not just being an educator as people views it but much more. You also become a friend and confidante that can play a critical role in a child’s emotional development for lifetime because of its unique attributes.

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3. Teaching makes a huge difference to a child

It has been identified that every child is unique in his or her own way. Each child comes with their own unique socioeconomic status, personal strengths or weakness and family background, social skills and level of academic abilities. However, some have learning, concentration, or memory disabilities such as dyscalculia, dyslexia, ADHD or dysgraphia.

If you can help a child with artificial ADHD to achieve better grades by providing alternative learning methods or find an outlet for their hyperactivity, you can change the direction of this child’s life and increase their self-esteem thereby bringing out the uniqueness that makes the difference in them. There is a wise saying that if you can help a child with their social skills, you can change the child’s entire school experience and bring happiness and friendship into their lives.

4. Feel connected

In line with Dr. Robert Waldinger — the executive director of a seventy-five (75) year old study on adult development and individual happiness, the most necessary lesson learned from this study is that loneliness kills.

According to his research work, He learned that the people who are healthier, happier, and live longer lives are the individuals who feel socially connected to friends, family and loved ones. Those who have none or little social connections are less healthy, less happy, and actually may die younger than they could imagine, you will have an entire team of teachers and a school principal which will become your teaching support connection that fosters a network of happiness.

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5. Development and buying leadership skills.

Be it as it may, whether you intend to work through the corridors in the teaching profession or whether you intend to scale up to a management position, leadership skills are a crucial part of your teaching career in education that’s needs urgent attention. A documentary of LinkedIn survey 2018 of 2,000 business leaders, 57% well noticed soft skills as being imperative in a hiring decision-making globally.

Out of all the soft skills identified, leadership was ranked as the number one soft skill valued by government and non-governmental NGO’S employers globally. Thus, teachers need to be in control at all times and are responsible for leading, directing and managing others. This singular attributes make teachers excellent and reliable leaders. A teacher can make a real difference in the life of an individual seeking for development of leadership.

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