Legit or Scam Reviews (Sign up 2024) - OKVIX Legit or Scam Reviews (Sign up 2024) Legit is a website that connects financial donors to people in need. The website helps raise money for people who have different categories of issues. Do you want to know if is legit or a scam? The reviews on this page will give you the best answer to the question.

Just like GoFundMe and Just Giving page for an individual, is similar to what they offer. In addition, they all have the same popular aim, which is to use their platform to help those in need of money. Without further ado, let’s proceed to the reviews concerning whether is legit or a scam. Legit or Scam Reviews

The website is controlled by a serious-minded individual or organization whose duty it is to support people financially. has been in existence since 2010 and has been working tirelessly to help the needy as well as banning scammers who want to take advantage of the opportunity.

About is a website that was found in April 2010. It is a site that allows you to beg for money, which will be seen by people all over the world.

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According to the website, your identity will be hidden, and you will get the money directly into your PayPal account. The site is similar to Beglist.

How does work?

It is simple. To get help from, you have to explain in not less than 400 words why you need the money. After that, you must include your PayPal link for payment at the end of the content. Then submit. Categories

There are different categories you can select after writing the content concerning why you need financial support. You can add a category related to the topic you wrote about. The categories of the site are:

  • Animals, begpackers, business capital, car repairs.
  • Dental, emergency money, eviction notice.
  • Funeral costs, home foreclosure, medical bills
  • Mortgage, rent, scammers, tuition fees
  • Single moms, single dads, student loans, and wishes

If you have any problems related to these categories or uncategorized ones, the website will allow you to beg for money without charging or taking any fees according to them. Sign up 2024 Legit
Asking for money on Beggingmoney site

You don’t need to register or sign up in order to beg money from the site.
To request a donation,

  • Visit the website and choose “Ask for Money,” located at the menu bar.
  • Next, scroll down and enter the title of your post.
  • After that, write in no less than 400 words why you need the money.
    In addition, upload an image to prove to the audience that you’re being truthful.
  • In continuation, enter your name and email and select a category.
  • Finally, choose a tag, pass the human check, and submit.
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How to receive donations from

To receive donations from, make sure you enter your PayPal link at the end of your content. All donations will be sent directly to your payment account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can create one at

Pros and Cons of

Every opportunity has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of


The site can offer you financial support.
You might be lucky to find a donor who would change your life to more positivity forever.
The idea is a great one for humanity.


Scammers would try to scam you when they had access to your PayPal link.
Some of your information relating to your PayPal account would be public since you would post your link.

On what date was launched or created? was created on April 10, 2010. The website has been in existence for over a decade. You may also, read Patriot Funding reviews scam or legit.

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Who is the owner of

After going through the website, we couldn’t find the owner. But there’s a contact form where they can be contacted if there’s any problem or inquiry. The Google stat between July 31 and August 6 shows the top four countries visiting the site. It is possible that the owner is from one of the countries. Legit
Google country stat showing the most visiting countries.

Does Beggingmoney work?

Yes. Beggingmoney works when a donor sees your message and decides to send you some funds to your PayPal wallet. The site warns those who requested a donation to avoid sending any money to anyone, as some scammers use the opportunity to make money.

Is legit? seems to be legit, since we don’t have anything to tag it as fake. The donation goes directly to the PayPal account of the individual who requested it.

Also, the homepage refreshes with new content. So, there’s no special account pinned at the top to attract special donations. The owner has good intentions anyway. With that, we can say that is 95% legit.

Is a scam?

Looking at how the owners of are fighting scammers, they don’t appear to have any intention of scamming the public. They earn money from advertisements. Also, they never charge any fee, as the platform is completely free, according to them.

Final verdict

The final verdict on whether is legit or a scam as of the time of writing this post is that the website doesn’t appear to have anything to do with scamming visitors.

Donation: You can support/contribute to the growth of OKVIX by donating any amount. Opay: 8104697189. Vincent. Fidelity: 6325082472. Vincent.


  1. It’s been 2months since I posted on Begging money but still nothing, so wish they can help me and post that message so that I can get help, I’m still patiently waiting

  2. I had set up an account with begging site an I can’t find my account an i never got no help but I did start receiving that I had deposited money but could never get it what do I do

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