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How to add friends on Candy Crush

How to add friends on Candy Crush

Friends play a vital role on Candy Crush puzzle game. When you have friends, you already have a good support. These support will make it easier for you to play the game easily. Here, you will learn how to add friends on Candy Crush puzzle.

Adding friends on the puzzle app requires an internet connection to proceed and to be successfully done.

It’s not compulsory to log in to any account or use Facebook/Gmail before you can make friends. You can also, learn how to send lives on Candy Crush game.

How to add friends on Candy Crush

You must have an internet enabled device before you will be able to add friends on Facebook. Once you have turned on an internet connection, follow the step below to add friends.

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Step 1:
Launch the Candy Crush puzzle app, and turn on internet connection.

Step 2:
After the launch, tap on ‘Play’ to get started.

Step 3:
Locate your profile by tapping on the photo icon at the top of your device.

Step 4:
Navigate to friends list by tapping on ‘Friends‘.

Step 5:
Click on ‘Add more friends‘ to invite friends.

Step 6:
Tap on ‘Invite friends’ and copy the code that will appear on your screen.

Step 7:
Share the link to your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, or other social media/other places.

Step 8:
At the place you copied the link, there are other Candy Crush players there. Add them too.

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Step 9:
Finally, wait for them to accept your friend request, so you all can become friends.

That’s the easiest ways on how to add friends on Candy Crush without using Facebook. You can view your friend’s list when you navigate to your profile and click in ‘Friends‘.

Frequently asked questions

Can I add friends on Candy Crush without using Facebook?

Yes. You can add friends without signing up on any account or having a Facebook account.

How can I unfriend a friend on Candy Crush?

In order to remove a friend in the game, visit your profile and click on ‘Friends‘. Next, tap on the friend you want to unfriend and click ‘Unfriend‘.

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Can I have many friends on Candy Crush?

You can gave as many contacts as you want on Candy Crush puzzle.

That’s the end of this topic. Please let your friends get this knowledge by sharing with them.

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