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Christmas challenge for family and friends

Christmas challenge

Looking for a suitable Christmas challenge for your family or friends? Well, there are several Christmas challenge you can choose from. These challenges or games are easy to play and entertaining too. Both the younger and older ones can participate in any of these challenges.

The purpose of this Christmas challenge is to keep your day entertainment with either Christmas activities or games to make the day a beautiful and enjoyable one.

Christmas challenge

Here are a list of Christmas challenge you can try out with your family and friends. They are:

  1. Dance challenge

  2. Jump rope challenge

  3. Makeover in dark challenge

  4. Don’t laugh challenge

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1. Dance challenge

Get your family or friends together and put on a nice Christmas song. Make sure everyone dances to it while the grandma, grandpa, or the oldest there, announce the winner of the dance.

2. Jump rope challenge

Get a long rope that can contain up to 10 people for skipping. The one who is able to last longer without failing to skip as the rope passes by, wins.

3. Make over in dark

The young ladies (teenagers) in the family or extended families should participate in this challenge. They will have to make over someone in a dark room or while their eyes are closed. The winner will be announced after the makeover.

4. Don’t laugh challenge

The challenge here is that everyone is not to laugh while they are being tickled. If anyone giggles, he/she lose. So, no one is allowed to laugh, else they lose. You can as well create jokes to see if they can fall for the challenge.

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Christmas challenge volleyball tournament

This is an interesting challenge. If you have a volleyball field inside your compound or close to your house, you can arrange for a tournament. Christmas volleyball tournament is very interesting, especially when they’re many people watching the tournament. The tournament can be arranged between cousins or extended families.

25 day Christmas challenge

1st day: Decorate Christmas tree

2nd day: Sing and dance to Christmas song

3rd day: Bake Christmas cookies

4th day: Write a letter to Santa

5th day: Take Christmas pictures

6th day: Drink some hot chocolate

7th day: Read the Nativity story in the Bible

8th day: Make a snow man

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9th day: Go Ice-skating

10th day: Wrap presents

11th day: Read a Christmas book

12th day: Go Christmas shopping

13th day: Attend an outside parade

14th day: Donate to a good pantry

15th day: Sing Christmas Carol

16th day: Hang up your Christmas stocking

17th day: Write a Christmas wish and hang it on the tree

18th day: Open presents

19th day: Make a paper snowflake

20th day: Engage in Christmas dance competition

21st day: Decorate your house with Christmas lights

22nd day: Buy Christmas chicken, beef or meat.

23rd day: Welcome Christmas travelers

24th day: Go to church to celebrate Christmas Eve

25th day: Attend Church and come back to celebrate Christmas.

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