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Wipe it down challenge Twitter | TikTok

Wipe it down challenge

This is one of the most interesting challenge ever! Not everyone can actually be able to do it accurately, but you can still learn how to do it. It is called ‘Wipe it down challenge‘. Here, you will be able to learn how the challenge works, and how to do it.

Once you’re able to master how to do the ‘wipe it down challenge’, you would be able to use the video to grow your social handles. You will need different clothes, or costume.

Wipe it down challenge

The ‘Wipe it down challenge’ is a creative trend done, while cleaning a mirror holding a hand cleaning tool. The challenge is done for fun using the song ‘Wipe it down’ by BMW KENNY. You can use TikTok, or Instagram application to do the challenge. You can also, make use of your phone camera.

Note: It is not a must to use a filter.

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How to do wipe it down challenge

To do the challenge, launch your camera application.

  • Place a mirror in front of you.
  • Spray a liquid detergent on the mirror.
  • Next, use a short towel and try to clean up the mirror.
  • Finally, use your camera to record yourself, while pointing the camera to the mirror, and playing ‘Wipe it down’ song.

You have to follow the song as it plays. Since the song goes like this: “Wipe, wipe, wipe it down wipe”, “Wipe, wipe, wipe it down wipe”. You must pause the video when you have wiped down. Then, change to another costume, place your hand at where you stopped, and press play to continue to wipe up.

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You can decide to pause it thrice or twice to either get a three or two different costumes. The most important part is to target when to pause and when to continue. As the music plays, you will get to know when to pause, and when to continue.

How to do the challenge on TikTok

To participate in TikTok’s wipe it down challenge,

  • Launch TikTok application, and search for the keyword ‘wipe it down challenge‘.
  • Select any of the challenge video and tap on the song’s name.
  • Next, tap on ‘Use this sound‘.
  • Finally, you can start recording.
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Frequently asked questions

What is the song for wipe it down challenge?

The song for the challenge is ‘Wipe it down’ by BMW KENNY. You can simply get it from TikTok, or you download the song online.

How many costumes do I need?

As you much as you want, and as much as you want the video to last. You can put over 10 costumes. But since you need to make the video to be short, 3 or 2 costumes are okay.

How can I add more dress in the challenge?

To add more dress during the challenge, simply pause the video. After that, you can change and go back to the particular position you were before, then play the video to continue.

In conclusion, the wipe it down challenge is a lively challenge you can do at your leisure time. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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