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How to subscribe to GLO 7gb for 1500 2023

How to subscribe to GLO 7gb for 1500

GLO is always the grand masters of data. You can get GLO 1500 for 7gb data for cheaper prices with GLO. Here, you will learn how to subscribe to GLO 7gb for 1500. You can simply recharge and activate 7gb with 1500 on your GLO sim. If you’re searching for GLO data code 1500, keep reading to discover that.

How to subscribe to GLO 7gb for 1500

To activate GLO 7gb for 1500,

  • Dial *777#, then select 1 (Data).
  • Select 1 which is ‘Buy data plan‘.
  • Proceed by entering ‘2‘ (One-off).
  • Continue with ‘Special data offer‘.
  • Next, select ‘1‘ at Special data plan.
  • Finally, select ‘3‘ to activate the GLO 7gb for 1500.
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Unlike other GLO data plans which are valid for a day or two, this plan is valid for 7 days, and you will get 7gb. If you think the duration is short, even if you buy 3gb or 4gb GLO data plan for 30 days, you might still use all the bundle within a week. So, you can simply purchase GLO 7gb for 1500, and enjoy the internet.

How to check GLO 7gb for 1500 remaining bundles

You can easily check your GLO data bundle anytime, any day. All you need to do is to dial 127 0#. You will receive a pop-up message, and a text stating how much data you have in your data bundle.

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Why GLO 7gb for 1500 is the best GLO bundle

GLO have varieties of data plans, which you can select anyone that suit your choice. On the long run, you can lose if you don’t select the appropriate data for yourself.

'GLO special data offer' option.

Let’s say, you buy 150mb for N100 each day (which won’t be enough for the day), you will spend N1500 in 15 days having only 2.25gb under that 15 days. Such idea can only be used when you want to buy GLO social plans (Facebook WhatsApp

But if you now decide to go for GLO 7gb for 1500, you will be able to download a lot, watch your favorite Netflix movies and browse the internet as much as you can. There are other GLO mega plans you can access by dialing *777#.

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Hope you’re now able to discover how to purchase GLO 1500 for 7gb. For more GLO data plans, you can visit official GLO website. Hope

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