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Inkless Printer | Pocket, Wireless & Portable

Inkless Printer

Wow! Check out this amazing inkless printer. It is a wireless and portable printer. Many people are afraid that the pocket printer will bankrupt all the printing shops in the world. This is because of its amazing features and its ability to fit in a pocket.

The inkless pocket printer doesn’t need ink to print. On the other hand, a regular printer uses a lot of ink. In this case, many would be tired of using so much ink. That is why I recommend you check out and purchase the wireless printer.

Inkless Printer

The portable printer is a wireless mini printer that can fit in a cloth pocket. It doesn’t require any ink, since the paper already contains ink. Don’t worry, I will explain further. This printer uses Bluetooth to function.

With your mobile device, you can send an image or photos to the printer to print immediately. It has a manual that will guide you easily on how to set it up within a few minutes. Make sure the front part of the paper is positioned appropriately inside the printer.

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How does an Inkless Printer Work

To use this printer after purchase,

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store.
  • Install the app.
  • Connect the device with Bluetooth.
  • Select the file to print.
  • Press ‘print‘ to proceed.
  • Finally, collect the printed document.
Inkless Printer
Sample from the printer

The wireless inkless mini printer is an amazing printing device. Before printing, it allows you to set the number of copies and the thickness.

Features of an Inkless Printer

  1. Doesn’t require ink for printing.
  2. Bluetooth wireless
  3. Portable size
  4. Smart App
  5. Scan

How does the Inkless Printer Paper Work?

The printer’s paper is a very special paper. It works by heating the paper. You can use the matchbox to check it. Once fire touches any part of the paper, it turns black.

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This means that once you send an image or text file, it will print without ink. The printer will heat only the image or text part. This will make only that part appear on the paper. That is the reason you don’t have to use ink.

How Much the Inkless Wireless Pocket Printer?

The price of the wireless printer is between $130 and $250. It depends on which one you can afford. You can visit Amazon, AliExpress, or other online or physical stores to purchase yours.

In conclusion, the inkless wireless printer is portable and easy to use. I hope you have been able to learn from it. This amazing device. If there’s any question you wish to ask, use the comment section to let us know about it.

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