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List of Lodges in AE FUNAI, prices, location and description

Looking for where to stay in ae funai? There are many options you can choose from. It can be hostel or lodge. Some lodges in ae funai are costly while some are not. It all depends on what you prefer.

In ae funai, Lodge prices varies from N40,000 to N150,000. Normal lodge prices varies from 70,000 to N90,000. Recommended lodges varies from N100,000 to N150,000

You have an option to stay in the hostel which cost only N50,000 (N20,000 refundable when it expires). But if you decide staying in lodge, then it’s okay.

Major lodge locations in ae funai

  1. AE FUNAI Backgate
  2. AE FUNAI Frontgate
  3. Junction

Location, description and names of lodges in AE FUNAI

1. Amazing Grace lodge:

This lodge is located at AE FUNAI front gate. It’s a story building. Price varies from N120,000 to N140,000. Status: Very close to the school.

2. Texas lodge

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3. Holy Land lodge:

This lodge is located between AE FUNAI front gate and main gate. It is a story building. Conducive and great.

4. Let love lead (LLL) lodge: This is a story building. It is located at Backgate. Has good security, water and large room. Do not have Balcony

5. Emmanuella Lodge (Temporal name): Location: Junction. Price: N100,000 to N110,000
6. Excellent Lodge

7. Amarachi lodge:

The lodge is located at ‘front gate’. It is very close to Excellent lodge. The rooms have spaced toilet, kitchen, wardrobe, change over installed, generator wire installed too.

8. Unique Lodge:

This lodge is located at Nwakpu Junction. Have a peaceful environment. Close to market and lovely natural trees around.

9. Light bridge: Location: Back gate

10. Blessed Emmanuel Lodge: Located at Backgate. Price varies according to size. Price range is N100,000 to N140,000

11. Ndiechi Lodge
12. 5star lodge
13: Jessie Lodge
14. Nelson Peter’s Lodge

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15. Golden king lodge: Located at front gate.
16. Alex lodge: Price range of N120,000
17. Holy Trinity Lodge: 130k
18. Richmond Lodge: 130k
20. Chiboy Lodge

21. Osinachi Lodge
22. Golden Hill Lodge
23. Elohim Lodge
24. Senator’s Lodge: Located at back gate. Opposite Nwabuking.

25. Nwabuking Lodge
26. Success lodge
27. Honey na money lodge
28. Small Ville Lodge

29. Galilee lodge: Located at front gate
30. Divine lodge
31. Twin lodge
32. Classic Villa

33. Golden King Love
34. G. R. A Lodge
35. Elite Lodge
36. Paragon Lodge

List of others lodges may have not been included due to no name/new. They will be updated soon.

6 important things you should inquire before paying for a lodge.

  1. How secured it is.
  2. Light and water availability.
  3. Toilet availability
  4. Balcony availability
  5. Size of the room
  6. location of the lodge
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Adavantage of staying in Lodge in ae FUNAI.

  1. Availability of light (average hour if light duration is from 8pm to 12am)
  2. Privacy
  3. Security
  4. Enough space for your luggages
  5. Allows invitation of visitors
  6. Free to throw parties

Note: The above differs according to the Lodge.

Disadvantages of staying in lodges in ae funai

  1. Less security (Some lodges don’t have security)
  2. Lack of electricity and water supply.
  3. Visitation from unnecessary or uninvited visitors
  4. Lack of focus

Note: The above differs according to the Lodge and personality.

You can decide to stay with someone for a while until you get yours.

Hope this helps.


    1. It may be hard to find. You can get a roommate. After you leave, he/she can continue staying there. Also, if you have a friend who stays in a lodge, you can ask if he/she can help accommodate you for a while.

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