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Tap out challenge TikTok

Tap out challenge

Many people are participating in different game on TikTok. This time around, it is called ‘Tap out challenge’. Unlike the original meaning of tap out, which is broke, out of money or exhausted, on TikTok, it means submission or to surrender.

If you lose, that means that you have tapped out. Tap out is a U.K. slangs when you run out of money. Without further ado, let me give you the best explanation of the Tap out challenge on TikTok.

Tap out challenge TikTok

Tap out challenge is a game whereby two people exchange words and sentences with deep meaning. The sentence must start with a two-letter word (‘At least’) or other words. It can be said or written. These words or sentences can make your opponent to tap out (i.e. give up or surrender).

Some play this game for up to two hours, waiting for the opponent to tap out during the challenge on TikTok. There are also, other related challenges on TikTok such as tapout barkie.

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You both can decide to use the word ‘At least’ at the beginning of your replies. For example, you could say, “At least I’m not an orange”. Your opponent would reply, “At least I’m not a bag”. Next, “At least I’m not dumb”, another “At least I’m not broke”.

You two would continue until one of you tap out. Here are some of the videos on TikTok to watch.

I don’t think it’s actually a fully decent game, but it depends on the topic you choose to play on. Here is another challenge video .

What is tap out game?

It is a game that involves two opponents, who uses words to play the game until one person fails or gets tired. You can decide to be more than two if you want.

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An example is: Mr. A: “At least I can climb a mountain”. Mr. B: “At least I can drive a car”. It will continue with the “At least” till one person gets tired.

How can I participate in the challenge?

To participate in this challenge, call any of your friends and explain to him or her, how it works. You can share your game chat on TikTok for fun.

In conclusion, for those asking what is the game tap out, I’m sure you’re able to understand what it means.

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