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5 reasons to move to Alaska

5 reasons to move to Alaska

Alaska is a beautiful city located in the western U.S.A. It is one of the best U.S.A. city to live in. Are you searching to know more reasons why you should move to Alaska? Do you want to know the benefits of moving to Alaska? Well, on this blog, you will discover 5 reasons to move to Alaska.

Many Individuals want a cool lifestyle. They want a place where they would live happily, and benefit a lot from the area. So, here are five reasons to move to Alaska as a suitable place for you.

5 reasons to move to Alaska

The best 5 reasons why you should move to Alaska are:

The city is good for adventure

If you want a city where you can experience a lot of adventure, then you have to go for Alaska. There, you can discover a lot including real bears and other natural animals around the streets, live. You will also, witness major events in the city which include the Good Friday Earthquake, the Klondike God Rush, e.t.c

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You can experience the best fishing, and hunting in Alaska. There, you can hunt animals in the mountains, of rainforest or go for fishing. However, you can discover a lot of hunting and fishing experience in the city. If you’re a seafood lover, then Alaska is one of the best for you.

5 reasons to move to Alaska
Fishing in Alaska

You will receive annual payments from the government

Imagine getting paid for being someone who lived in a place permanently. I know many people would love this. Through an established Permanent Form digital program, Individuals living there permanently, receive royalties. According to multiple reports, the amount is around $800 to $1,500.

These revenues are generated from mineral resources, and are being used to help Alaskans live a better life in the city, as well as investing for the future.

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Non-payment of state tax, unlike other cities

Alaska remains the only U.S. city with the lowest taxes in the country. You won’t be asked to pay state income tax, or sales tax. This non-payment of tax is only applied to full-time residents in the state.

Conducive lifestyle

Once you start living in Alaska, you’re free to do many things. You can decide to get a dog for yourself, and take it around the streets with you. If you’re someone who loves fashion, that’s great too.

You won’t be trolled for wearing something thick going to a restaurant or parties. This is because, Alaskan, dress for the weather, and nobody will judge you for doing so.

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People living in the city are friendly and fun to be with. They are helpful too. You can decide to either make friends, or be yourself. Anyone you choose, the residents would respect that. The small population in the city compared to others, made it very conducive too

Affordable real estate

Real estates in Alaska are affordable. With the amount you have, you can be able to afford an estate in Alaska. Before you travel, you can take a look at Realtor.com website to help you see the current housing prices in the city.


In addition to the 5 reasons to move to Alaska, there are other positivity which will make you choose Alaska as your next destination. If you choose remote work, then that’s one of the best city for it.

The city has a network speed up to 5 GB (Gigabyte). With such network speed, you won’t need to worry about working remotely in the city.

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