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Bajaj Logo

Download the Bajaj Finance Logo PNG. Looking to download the Bajaj logo PNG? You’re on the right track. Also, you can download other formats of the logo, such as JPG, SVG, EPS, and AI files. Whichever one you want, they are all available.

The most downloaded file for the logo is the PNG. The PNG file allows you to use exactly the same logo on other graphics without unnecessary background. After the download, you can import it into your design to use it appropriately.

Bajaj Logo PNG

Bajaj Finserv is a non-banking financial services company. The headquarters is in Pune, India. The company offers services such as asset management, wealth management, insurance, and lending.


It is a simple logo that represents what the company offers. It has a stylish, bold letter ‘B’ and the two words ‘Bajaj Finserv’ written on it. Not only that, but it has a white and blue combination, which makes it perfect and good-looking.

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Available files for the Bajaj Finserv logo

The available files for the Bajaj Finserv logo are JPG, SVG, EPS, and AI. There is an option to download each one separately.

Frequently asked questions

How did the name “Bajaj” originate as the company name?

The name originates from the name of an Indian industrialist who founded the company in the 1920s. His name is Jamnalal Kaniram Bajaj.

What is the meaning of Finserv?

Finserv simply means “financial services.” Some companies that can offer financial services are banking, investment, insurance, etcetera.

What is the file size?

The logo is 84kb. These logos are not more than. 100kb unless you download all files or a high-quality size.

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In conclusion, do not use the logo inappropriately. Bajaj Finance’s official website is I hope you’re able to download the Bajaj Finance logo in PNG and other file formats. Have a nice day.

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