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Cheap ways to block neighbor’s view (2024)

Cheap ways to block neighbors view

Privacy is one of the most important lifestyles for humans. Many people just want to be on their own without anyone interfering in what they do. On this blog, you will discover cheap ways to block neighbor’s view to protect your privacy

You wouldn’t like a neighbor watching you after undressing to swim in your pool at home. You may also, be having a meeting or party gathering, but you wouldn’t want your neighbor to see or listen to whatever you’re discussing. Keep reading to find the best solution to that, on this blog.

One of the best methods of cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view is to stop them from seeing what you do. If they are unable to see you, they won’t interfere with your privacy. Let’s look into that in details.

Cheap ways to block neighbor’s view

1. Build a wooden fence

Having a wooden fence is one of the fastest means, and cheap, ways to block the neighbor’s view. This will protect your privacy as soon as the fencing is complete. The wooden fence should be within 6 feet high.

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The wooden fence is easy to remove in case you want to change to another type of fence.

2. Fence your home with trees and shrubs

Trees will help prevent your neighbor from seeing what you are doing. Apart from blocking the neighbor’s view, trees are sources of oxygen. It helps to build healthy environment for humans.

Some trees or shrubs such as Fagus sylvatica, Cherry Laurel, e.t.c can help prevent your neighbor from watching you. Trees take a while to grow. All you need is to be patient, and you will enjoy the presence of the tree, or shrubs without spending a dime.

3. Use outdoor curtains

If you have a small compound, you can make use of an outdoor curtain. Curtains are cheap and available along the streets. Once you get few curtains, it will take only few minutes to install. All you need to do is to position it properly, and people won’t have to interfere with your privacy.

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Another good reason for using an outdoor curtain is that you can fold them up, if you think you don’t need any privacy any that moment. These curtains will make your home look beautiful too.

Your neighbor might be making use of a computer CCTV, but since you would like to protect your privacy, you can make use of outdoor curtains.

4. Bamboo fence

Cheap ways to block neighbors view
Bamboo fence

You can cut some bamboo trees, arrange them properly, and use them as a fence. You need to be careful during the installation because they are sharp, and can hurt you. A bamboo fence won’t allow your neighbors to see what you’re doing. You can hire someone to install the bamboo fence for you.

Please don’t plant a bamboo tree at your home. You may not like how’s going to be growing. So, it’s better to cut and use as a fence. Whenever you don’t need the bamboo trees anymore, you can sell them to animal caretakers, which they can use to control the movement of their animals.

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5. Plant grasses

Apart from making your home look beautiful, grasses can grow to cover the view of your neighbor to avoid them seeing you. Once you plant some grasses, and they grow up, shape them to look like a wall. It will look decorative, and protect your privacy.

6. Get cheap big boards

Boards of around 6 feet tall are okay. It’s easy to find, and when you get them, simply use it to fence your house. Use some woods to hold it. Finally, you have successfully blocked your neighbor’s view.

7. Relocate

This is the last option on ‘cheap ways to block neighbor’s view’. If you rent a house, and it’s heading to its expiring date, kindly relocate to another house. Since your current home is not giving you the privacy you want, you can simply relocate to a cheap, and conducive house.

In conclusion, these cheap ways to block neighbor’s view are the best solution you need. You can also, choose to do the majority of your home activities inside the house. That’s all for now. Kindly share with your friends.

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