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How to Identify An Igbo Man

How to Identify An Igbo Man

Igbo is a tribe in Nigeria, located in Africa. They are one of the most popular tribes in the world. You can know an Igbo man in many ways, which I will explain to you as you continue reading. On this page, you will discover how to identify an Igbo man in Nigeria.

In every country you visit in the world, there must be an Igbo man there. An Igbo man loves hard work, progress, and happiness. Without further ado, let’s proceed to the main features that indicate how to identify an Igbo man.

How to Identify an Igbo Man

There are many ways to identify an Igbo man, and this is what we want to discuss today. The features that identify an Igbo man are:

1. Intonation

Igbo men has their own special intonation, just like the way India speaks English. It is normal and used to identify a country, tribe, or person. Most Igbo men who grew up in Nigeria speaks English with deep sounds to it. It’s either the Igbo man speaks Igbo, or the sound of another language he speaks has an Igbo intonation.

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2. Dressing

The Igbo tribe has some special dressing that you can use to identify them. Some of them are the red cap, a cloth called ‘Isi-agu’, native wrapper, ‘Up-and-down’, and others. Though, in this modern days, many do wear foreign styled cloths, but you can still identify some of them.

3. Hardworking spirit

One of the greatest things about an Igbo man is that they have great hardworking spirit. It’s either the Igbo man works for someone to get settled later, or he choose to start up a business. In Igbo, hardworking is called ‘Igba mbo’. That is why you see many Igbo men coming back with cars. Not only cars expensive items during holidays or a visit to their village.

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4. Igba boyi

An ancient tradition in Igbo land which is called ‘Igba boyi’ is still in use till today. The ‘Igba boy’ is the process of a man serving another man for a period of 4 to 5 years. Sometimes it can be more, depending on the agreement and if any issues occurs. In a Igbo man shop, if the employee is not paid monthly and lives with his boss, they are both Igbo men.

2. Language

There are several dialect in Igbo land. Even in a community there can be another dialect there. But the Igbo has a general language which is called ‘Igbo Nzube’. You can communicate with any Igbo man who has lived, or is living in Igbo land in Igbo Nzube. An example is ‘Bia rie nri’ which means ‘come and eat food’.

4. Dancing style

Igbo men dancing styles are quite different from other tribes. The music, the incantation before dancing, and the position are all unique. Some of the popular highlife singers Igbo men like listening to are:

  • Oliver De Conque
  • Osadebe
  • Oriental brothers, etcetera
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The Igbo calendar is unique. It has 12 months in it. In every four days, there are Eke, Orie, Afor, and Nkwo. An Igbo man will always check these days in order to prepare for Igbo market days using the Igbo calendar.


One of the best ways on how to identify an Igbo man is by their names. Some of the Igbo man’s names are:

  • Tochukwu
  • Chukwuebuka
  • Chibuike
  • Okechukwu
  • Arinzechukwu
  • Nzubechi, etcetera.

If the person is answering any of these names or other Igbo names, he is an Igbo man.

In conclusion, the easiest way to identify an Igbo man is through his name and by asking him. I hope we’re able to learn how to identify an Igbo man. If you have any comment to make, kindly use the comment section.

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