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Closed Eyes Filter Challenge | TikTok

Closed Eyes Filter

TikTok is fun with amazing filters, challenges, and creative contents. Are you looking for ‘Closed Eyes Filter Challenge?’ or how to participate in Eyes Closed Filter Challenge? Everything you need to know about the filter is on this post.

Once in a while new filters are being developed on TikTok. The one trending currently is closed eyes challenge. It has over a 100 million views on TikTok, which shows that it is an interesting and engaging filter.

Closed Eyes Filter

The filter works with the eyes. It will keep your eyes closed even when you open it. Once you get your device and use the filter on yourself, quietly open your eyes and look at the camera. In person, your eyes will be open, but looking at the camera, your eyes will be closed.

You can join the challenge or prank your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, siblings, e.t.c. It’s actually for fun and entertainment.

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Closed Eyes Challenge

The challenge is all about being able to stop the filter from keeping your eyes closed. Even if it’s closed, you can try to open it. If you can, then you win. Many people have tried that, but only a few persons were able to bypass the filter. Below, you will find out how to stop the filter from closing your eyes.


To prank someone with the filter on TikTok, record the person with your device camera while using the filter. Ask the person to close his/her eyes and open it. Once the eye is open, show him/her to see how his/her eyes are still closed despite being opened in physically. It will surely shock the person you prank. This will make them look surprised.

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How to bypass Closed Eyes effects

The filter works perfectly when your eyes are looking at the camera. To keep your eyes open while using the filter, look sideways a bit. Once you do that, the filter won’t be able to apply to your eyes to keep it closed. Then, your eyes won’t be closed anymore.

How to find Closed Eyes Filter on TikTok

To use the closed Eyes effects on TikTok,

  • Launch the TikTok app on your device.
  • Tap on ‘Filters‘ and search for ‘Closed Eyes Filter‘.
  • Next, select the filter and start making use of it.
  • You can also, at the homepage, tap the search button.
  • Type the filter name.
  • Select any existing video, and tap on the filter.
  • Finally, make a video with the filter.
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