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10 ways to take care of computer

10 ways to take care of computer

Computers require good maintenance to make it last longer. You need to take care of your computer properly to avoid system damage. On this blog, you will learn 10 ways to take care of your computer. Once you keep your laptop safe and sound, you will enjoy the device for long without damage.

I will reveal to you, the best methods to maintain your computer/laptop. These laptop and computer devices needs to be treated properly when in use to avoid malfunction or early damages.

Without further ado, let’s look at the 10 ways to take care of computer appropriately. It’s easy, and simple. Once you’re able to apply these steps, you won’t want to buy another laptop because of damage.

10 ways to take care of computer

1. Dust regularly

To take care of your computer, you must prevent dust from having access into it. Make sure you cover it properly. This will resist, and prevent dust from entering into your computer hardware. Dusts are dangerous to computer items and should not be allowed to penetrate their parts.

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2. Avoid liquid substance

This is one of the most important ways to care for your computer. Do not allow any liquid to drop on the keyboard, or any part of your computer. Once any liquid substance pass through and locate the CPU of your computer, it would damage your it.

So, you must make sure that no water drops in any part of your computer. Also, do not clean your laptop or computer with any wet substance. You can only dust, or clean your laptop with a dry cloth.

3. Use while on the table

If you make use of your computer while it’s on the floor, you might mistakenly step on it, which could lead to severe damage to your computer. Always place it on the table. Also, do not place it on your laps while in use. It might fall from your laps and get damaged. The table is the best place to place your computer while in use.

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4. Consult an expert if any major issue occur

Once you notice any malfunction, it is important you call a computer expert to look into the issue. You can only decide to troubleshoot, but if the problem is not shown to you, then consult an expert.

5. Avoid keeping heavy objects on your computer

Placing heavy objects on your computer will damage it. It can affect the keyboard, or other hardware. Some computer users are fun of dropping their bags, or other objects on their device, which is not recommended. Your laptop, or computer, should be placed alone without any object on it.

6. Get a computer bag

Getting a computer bag will reduce the risk of dust, and other tiny particles to have access to your computer. If it’s a laptop, it should be well-placed inside a bag, while being carried along.

7. Keep in a cool dry place

On this ’10 ways to take care of computer’ topic, the seventh is keeping the computer in a cool, dry place. You should not place it near the oven, or a sunny place. It would affect the computer internal functions, especially the battery, and other drivers.

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8. Avoid inserting cracked or dirty disk

To keep the computer CD-ROM safe, you must make sure that only neat CDs should be allowed into your computer. Since some CDs could be infected by virus, you should be careful on which one you allow into your computer.

9. Install antivirus software

This is another major way of taking care of computer. Without installation of antivirus software, you run the risk of losing the files in your computer. These viruses would attack the files in the computer and corruption them.

If the virus attacks the hard drive of the computer, it may stop your system from booting. So, it’s important you install an antivirus software to protect your computer system.

10. Avoid system overload

Overloading slows down the speed of the computer. Make sure you check your computer storage and speed to enable know which applications, and number of software programs you can allow in your computer.

Delete unwanted files, or transfer them to another hard drive to free some space for your computer.

In conclusion, once you’re able to maintain these 10 ways to take care of computer, you won’t have any problem with your computer system.

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