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How to fix hard drive not installed dell error [100% working]

How to fix hard drive not installed dell error

Computers can be annoying sometimes. It’s normal. It happens to all computer parts when they are weak, or infected with virus. Are you searching for ‘how to fix hard drive not installed’ dell error? Don’t panic because I have a solution to the problem.

Remember, everything you need to know about ‘how to fix hard drive not installed’ dell error will be discussed on this blog. So, keep reading to discover the best solution to the problem, and how to rectify it.

I discovered the solution to this problem when I turned on my laptop (PC) and it was not booting. I tried everything I could, including changing my booting priority, until I was able to discover the solution. Below, you will discover how to fix hard not detected in Windows 10, 8, and 7. It could work for other windows, though.

Since your computer cannot boot because it couldn’t detect your hard drive, you run the risk of losing all your files in the computer. Though, you have a slim chance of recovering your files. If you want this solution to solve your problem 100% you have to ignore those files.

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Note: You will still recover your hard disk in full health and working good, but your files may not be there anymore.

I believe you just want your computer to start working in any way possible. Okay, good.

How to fix hard drive not installed dell error

To fix hard drive not installed dell error, you need to do the following:

  • 1. Check cable connection
  • 2. Install new window

Check cable connection

You need to check if your hard drive cable is connected properly. If the cable is connected properly, turn on your computer and manually set the boot to hard drive. Once you’re done, your computer should be working properly.

If your computer is still not functioning properly after setting the booting to hard drive, then it is caused by a virus.

Install new Windows

Here, you want to eradicate the virus causing the problem in your computer. If the virus remains in the computer, it won’t allow your computer to detect your hard drive. It will continue writing ‘Hard drive not installed’ error. Now, follow the steps below.

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Step one:

Buy a new external hard drive that can contain a window when installed. You can buy an external hard drive of 10, or 20 gig storage. This is because, if you try to install a new window without any external drive, it won’t because due to a block from computer virus.

Step two:

Turn on your laptop, and tap the ‘F1‘, ‘F8‘, or ‘F10‘ button on your keyboard, three times to load the BIOS (Basic Input and Output Unit) settings. At the boot menu, disable secure boot, and select ‘Legacy‘. After that, set the first boot priority to Hard Drive. Now, press ‘F10‘ to save and exit.

How to fix hard drive not installed dell error
Fixing hard drive not installed dell error through boot menu.

Step three:

Get a new Windows 10 disk, and insert in your laptop’s CD drive. Then, press ‘F12‘ to select temporal boot device. Choose ‘CD drive’ to start windows installation. You need to be patient because it could take about 30 to 2 hours to completely install Windows 10 in your device. After installation, the problem will be fixed.

Make sure you clear all your data if prompted to do so for faster and effectively fixing the issue.

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How to prevent hard drive not installed dell error

To prevent hard drive installed dell error, do the following:

  • Install and turn on antivirus software in your computer.
  • Ensure that you turn on firewall protection.
  • Avoid keeping your computer in a dusty environment.
  • Make sure all cables are connected properly.
  • Avoid any liquid substance close to your computer.
  • Do not overheat your computer.
  • Manually scan your laptop/computer at least twice in a month, or set to weekly auto scan.
  • When you transfer files from phone to PC wirelessly, make sure the phone does is not infected with virus.

In conclusion, on this topic ‘How to fix hard drive not installed dell error‘, I hope you’re able to fix your computer from hard drive not installed dell error.

Your hard drive will automatically be fixed by the Windows software you installed. You can now start saving new files in the internal hard drive. You can still use or keep the external one.

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