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Eric Mays Net Worth | Full details

Eric Mays Net Worth

Today we will be looking at Eric Mays net worth. Many people are eagerly searching for his net worth for various reasons. One of them is because of the court issues and other activities surrounding his life. Find out about Eric Mays net worth, age, early life, etcetera.

He later set up a GoFundMe which is similar to Just Giving Page. People want to know his net worth to see if they can support him in his endeavors. He worked hard as an entrepreneur to make it to the big stage.

Eric Mays Net Worth

Eric Mays net worth is over $120 million. He made his money from investments in different industries. He invested in media, technology, real estate and other businesses. Before we guide you to the full details concerning how much Eric Mays have, let’s take a look at his personality.

Eric Mays Net Worth: Personal Information

His name is Eric Mays, a Flint City Councilman. He was born on September 16th, 1958, in Flint, Michigan, in the United States. The councilman is a Christian and married to Megan Ritchie.

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Educational Background

The Flint City Councilman, Eric Mays, attended his primary and high school years at prestigious schools in Michigan. He studied at the University of Southern California in the United States.

Eric Mays Sources of Wealth

He is a politician who works as a Flint City Councilman. Eric Mays earns a salary estimated to be $25,000 in his country. Apart from that, he made several investments which increased his net worth to over $120 million. Of course, he lived quite a luxurious life, but that didn’t have negative impact on his net worth.

Challenges and Controversies

In April 2022, the council members voted to remove him from the meeting, but he refused to leave. This brought about the charges and court issues.

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Supporting Documents

Eric Mays Net Worth
His Facebook account

Despite Eric Mays net worth being over $120 million, he needs some funds to sort out his issues. That is why he set up a GoFundMe account. In 10 days, he was able to raise $13,000. On the page, he wrote:

“I am Eric Mays a controversial person fighting for the rights of folks that need personal attention, at times. Sometimes cash is necessary. These are some of those times. Timing is everything. Am asking for your financial support. I have raised over $19,000 so far. …would like to continue to “Thank” all of “You” … I appreciate the help GoFundMe has given me.

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If “we” all do a little, I will continue to fight for folks I care about. I could not have personally done these things myself. Oh yeah, I am getting invitations to speak in various towns, cities and even a couple of colleges across the nation. Thank you. Call me if you choose. Eric Mays [phone redacted].”

Eric Mays Net Worth
His GoFundMe page

You can check out his Facebook account.

Eric Mays Current Estimated Net Worth

His current estimated net worth is $120 million. Since he has many supporters, he doesn’t need to sell his property to raise funds. That is why he decided to use the GoFundMe site to raise money for court fees.

In conclusion, I hope you have discovered Eric Mays net worth that you’re looking for. If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Use the comment section to let us know about it.

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