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How to Get Simoleons Fast in Sims Freeplay

How to Get Simoleons Fast in Sims Freeplay

SimCity is one of the best ‘build it’ and ‘Strategic game’ in the world. The fastest way to grow the city is to have Simoleons. Now, let’s find out how to get Simoleons fast in Sims Freeplay.

You can’t enjoy Sim City game without Simoleons. For those who don’t know what Simoleons are, it is a digital currency used to purchase or upgrade items in the SimCity game.

How to Get Simoleons Fast in Sims Freeplay

To get Simoleons fast in the Sims Freeplay, do these activities:

  1. Open the daily chest rewards
  2. Watch video ads
  3. Sell items via trade depot
  4. Collect taxes earned by your city population
  5. Upgrade residential buildings
  6. Repair disaster zones
  7. Complete shipment
  8. Buy them using the simcash
  9. Vote in designs challenge
  10. Complete assignment
  11. Join club challenge

Open the Daily Chest Rewards

The daily chest rewards to get simoleons fast in sims freeplay. The daily chest can be claimed or opened every 24 hours. You don’t need to complete any task or do any activity to earn it. All you need to do it to always claim the simoleons every 24 hours.

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Sell Items Via Trade Depot

You can decide to sell items generated from industrial or commercial property. Once you place them via the trade depot, buyers will come for it, leaving you with simoleons. Even if you increase the price to the maximum, buyers will still purchase it.

Watch Video Ads

When a video icon pops on one of the building, you can tap on it, watch the ads, and you will have a 100% change of claiming an item and 50% to 60% chance of getting Simoleons. To do this, your data connection must be turned on.

Collect Taxes Earned by your City Population

Just like the daily chest, these taxes are also, collected daily. The difference is that you can decide the number of taxes you want to collect by increasing your population. These taxes are simoleons that the population pay to you.

Upgrade Residential Buildings

For every any residential building you upgrade, you must earn a good amount of Simoleons. You can earn between 1,000 to 4,000 Simoleons whenever you upgrade a residential building.

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Repair Disaster Zones

Repairing of disaster zones can also earn you Simoleons. When you launch a disaster, make sure you repair them whenever you have the requirements to do so. Once repaired, Simoleons will be credited to your balance.

Complete Shipment

Completing a shipment is another means of earning Simoleons. Each shipment has three tasks that must be settled before the ship sails. Each task has its own Simoleons.

Buy them using the Simcash

If you don’t have Simoleons, you can purchase them using Simcash. Visit the item you wish to upgrade or build and tap on it. Then use Simcash to pay or complete the task.

Vote in Designs Challenge

When you vote in design’s challenge, you will receive gifts and Simoleons at the end of the challenge. So, make sure you do this to earn them.

Complete Assignment

When you complete the assignment, you will be promoted to a position where you can earn simoleons. The more assignment you complete, the higher your chances of getting huge amount of Simoleons ranging from 20,000 to 100,000 Simoleons.

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At the end of the challenge, Simoleons will be credited to you. This is the biggest area to earn huge amount of Simoleons.

Join Club Challenge

When you join a club, the members will complete a task to earn points. The higher the points, the higher the amount of gifts they would receive. Even if you do nothing, you will still get something as part of the club. But you will risk being removed from the group. So, join them and complete task too.

How to get Unlimited Simoleons in Sims Freeplay

It is possible to get unlimited simoleons in Sims freeplay. To do this, create a club and invite 24 other members to join. Make one the vice president and 4 others the senior. Sit down a and enjoy unlimited Simoleons while they work for you.

How to Set Simoleons to 0

If you want to finish your simoleons and reduce them to 0, use them to purchase or upgrade items in the game. Also, do not claim any tax generated by the population. With this, your Simoleons balance will be set to 0.

That’s simple how to get simoleons fast in sims freeplay and other important hints. Don’t forget to use complete different task to earn more. If you still have other questions to ask, kindly use this comment section below to let us know about it. For more information about the game, find out from Wikipedia.

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