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How to make EEDC prepaid payment online

How to make EEDC prepaid payment online

EEDC simply means Enugu Electricity Distribution Company. If you make use of prepaid meter, you can simply make payment online, and get a token. The token will now be used to recharge your prepaid meter. Here, you will learn to make EEDC prepaid payment online.

Requirements on how to make EEDC prepaid payment online

  • An internet connection in mobile device or computer.
  • A meter number.
  • A card or if you can pay at the bank.

Steps on how to make EEDC prepaid payment online

Follow these steps to recharge your EEDC prepaid meter online without service charges.

  • Visit EEDC website
  • Click on ‘Payment‘ which is located at the top Menu.How to make EEDC prepaid payment online
  • Next, enter your meter number, then click ‘Search’.How to make EEDC prepaid payment online
  • Enter your name, email address and phone number.
  • On the next page, select your preferred payment gateway and make your payment.
  • Finally, a token will be delivered to you through your phone number under 12 to 24 hours.
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Make sure that every detail you entered during the process are correct. If you enter an incorrect phone number, you won’t get your token.

How to recharge your prepaid meter after getting a token

After getting a 20-digit token, take the recharge device and plug it on the wall socket. Make sure there’s electricity. If yours is off, go to where there’s a light and plug it.

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Once you have plugged the recharge device, wait for about a minute, then enter the 20-digit token you have. ‘Success’ will appear once the token is valid.

Frequently asked questions on how to make EEDC prepaid payment online

Why didn’t I receive a token after payment?

Once you have been successfully deducted, a token will be sent to you within 12 to 24 hours from the time you paid. Sometimes, it could be that you entered an incorrect number. So, make sure that your number is correct when you enter them during payment.

What is an EEDC meter token?

A prepaid meter token is a 20-digit number which you can use to recharge your prepaid meter, and have access to electricity.

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Is there any other way to recharge EEDC payment?

Yes. You can visit any nearest EEDC office to pay and get a token for your prepaid meter.

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