How to protect your Mobile phone and its Applications from Intruders

How to protect your Mobile phone and its Applications from Intruders

Hello, have you been worried about police or Intruders getting hold of your cell phone, and going through your applications (Example: Bank, exchange, dating, hangout and the rest of them) without your permission?

Are you also, scared of other security personnel or even your spouse, girlfriend, siblings, parents, friends and well-wishers etc. operating your phone without your permission. You will now be able to feel confident and comfortable when they take hold of your mobile phone because I will be revealing to you, how you can hide all your precious application s without anyone seeing it even though you unlock your device and hand it over to them.

Note; This is possible for those people that is using REDMI phones, and you can buy it if you don’t have one for your privacy and happiness sake.

Step by step guidelines on how to create a different space on my Redmi phone

With your mobile phone on your possession, unlock your phone, and go to your phone settings, you will see the following:

  1. Additional settings
  2. Digital wellbeing and parental controls
  3. Special features

Click on number three (3) which is ‘Special features’. The icon with light bulb symbol. It will take you to a new interface again where you will see another option like;

  1. Game turbo
  2. Video text box and
  3. Second space

Click on number three (3) which is ‘Second space‘. It will take you to a new interface again where you will see the following items:

  1. Protect your privacy (store apps and photos securely).
  2. Create any time completely ready to use separate space.
  3. Absolutely risk-free (second space does not affect other items on your phone device).

Now click on the second option, which is ‘Create any time completely to use second space‘. Fill some personal and private information. At this point you have successfully created a second space in your phone (that is, two different working phone interfaces that, when you switch to the other, it is only you that can see what is inside there), you only switch to the interface you want people to know and see apps that are there.

Nevertheless, this is very important to note. While switching to your private space, delete or turn off all notification that will be coming from that first space to the other second space to save you from unnecessary questions and embarrassment.

Stay safe and enjoy your privacy for it’s your human rights as well as social right too, you only permit people to see what you like with your mobile phone.

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