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How to write JAMB, pass once/get admission into a University

How to write JAMB, pass once/get admission into a University

Many candidates have been taking JAMB examination without getting admission to their preferred institution. Some have written JAMB examination up to 4 times. This is one of the major problems aspirants have which I have a possible solution to that. Here, you will learn how to write Jamb, pass once/get admission into a university. Yes! You can, and it will only work if you apply the right strategies.

I will be explaining everything you need to know in details on how to write Jamb, pass once/get admission into a University, how to write JAMB and score higher, how to make JAMB once, and other important strategies that will enable you successfully get admission without rewriting JAMB examination.

How to write Jamb, pass once/get admission into a University

To make JAMB once and get admission into your preferred university, it requires scoring high in JAMB examination and following the right strategies. Don’t panic yet if you didn’t score high. Keep reading to discover the possible solution.

10 strategies on how to write Jamb, pass once/get admission into University

  • Knowledge of the course you want to apply.
  • Selection of preferred institution
  • Early JAMB registration.
  • JAMB mock examination.
  • Know how the schools PUTME works.
  • Join aspirants WhatsApp and Facebook groups.
  • Get the school’s PUTME past questions.
  • Change of institution
  • Never come late during PUTME examination.
  • Ensure you re-upload your O’level result to JAMB
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Knowledge of the course you want to apply:

A lot of students make this very mistake. Before you apply for any course/programme in an institution, you should have the knowledge of the course. Many candidates have been forced by either their parents or guardian to study a particular course.

Without having passion, or at least knowledge of the course you wish to apply, your chance of scoring low in JAMB examination will be higher. You may not perform well. With these, it can hinder your opportunity to make JAMB once, which will require you to come back the next year.

A good example is that you may love to study anatomy while you’re being forced or persuaded to study banking and finance. Even if the course are similar, follow your mind and passion. It will help a lot.

Selection of preferred institution:

This is also important, and is one of the major strategies you must concentrate and work on. You don’t have to apply to a school because others are doing. You don’t also apply to a school because it’s popular, or you have friends there. It’s possible that you may do, but there are things you need to focus on first.

The school’s requirements/cut off mark for admission. Despite JAMB having it’s own cut off mark which is lower, a lot of Universities and Polytechnics still have a slight higher cut-off mark than that of JAMB. You need to discover the school’s cut-off mark and their departmental cut-off mark as well.

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Early JAMB registration:

You should try as much as you can to do your JAMB registration in time. Some may not do theirs till the final day due to one reason or the another.

You have to locate a JAMB registration center around your state, or go to a cybercafé that has experienced workers. This is to avoid errors during the registration. Make sure you submit the right details/requirements. Remember to be present during the JAMB registration process.

JAMB mock examination:

This is optional. It’s an examination you can register, and partake during your admission hunt. I will encourage you to partake in the examination. Since JAMB mock examination is similar to the main one, it will help you to know how your performance looks like. If you perform well, then keep it up. If you don’t, then you need to study hard, and improve. JAMB mock examination is quite helpful.

Know how the schools PUTME works:

You need to get information about how your preferred school’s Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (PUTME) works. Schools offer screening exercise in different ways. It can be:

  • Online PUTME screening (CBT examination)
  • O’level screening (Online upload)
  • Offline PUTME screening (Physical CBT/paper examination)

If there’s no early Information concerning how the school’s PUTME exercise might be, then you need to prepare for all. Just study hard.

Join aspirant’s WhatsApp and Facebook groups:

The biggest mistake on how to write Jamb, pass once/get admission into a University is lack of information. You need to be updated, so you can carry out any activity that comes up.

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You can simply join any aspirant’s WhatsApp or Facebook group. This will help to guide, and keep you updated. I encourage you to join about 3 to 5 different groups. In those groups, you can get vast information concerning students including about DV lottery which can be of help to students too.

Get the school’s PUTME past questions:

Try as much as possible to get the school’s PUTME past questions. Some school may not have original PUTME past questions extracted by someone (probably because it’s CBT based). All you need to do is to get helpful ones being shared by the students from the school or your fellow aspirants.

Change of institution:

In a case your score is low after checking your JAMB result, you need to do a change of institution, and look for schools that accepts such score. As far as you didn’t score below 100, you can still be admitted into a school. JAMB change if Institution is N2000 as at the time of writing this post.

Never come late during PUTME examination:

Your preferred university should be closer to where you live. In case where your preferred institution is far, you can try traveling to the place in day. You can also get a lodge or stay with someone over there, a day before your PUTME examination.

Most of the PUTME screening are done by batch. In a case where you come late, you might not be opportune to take the examination.

Ensure you re-upload your O’level result to JAMB

After PUTME screening, go to the nearest JAMB centre, and confirm that your uploaded O’level result is still there. If it’s not, kindly re-upload your result.

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