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How to tag everyone in a WhatsApp group

How to tag everyone in a WhatsApp group

Many features on WhatsApp help its users a lot, which makes it interesting. Are you searching for how to tag everyone in a WhatsApp group? Well, that’s easy to do. This article will explain everything you need to know about how to tag everyone in a WhatsApp group at once.

People find it hard to get the attention of other members in a WhatsApp group chat. This is because some have many messages to respond to, less concern about what comes from the group chat, or other reasons. But when you tag someone in a WhatsApp group chat, the person will be notified. The message will remain there until you open the chat.

Without further ado, let me explain to you how to tag everyone in a WhatsApp group. Keep in mind that you must not misuse this feature because it will annoy your group members if you use it inappropriately.

How to tag everyone in a WhatsApp group

To alert members in a WhatsApp group,

  • Launch the WhatsApp application.
  • Open an existing group chat with members in the group.
  • With your keyboard, type the symbol ‘@’ in the group.
  • Once you do that, all the of members will appear in the group.
  • Finally, select the ones you want to tag, and send.
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That is the simple way on how to tag everyone on WhatsApp. Once you tag them, they will receive a notification on their device that you tagged them to your message. This will grab their attention, and they will open the group chat to see what was posted.

Frequently asked questions

How can I tag everyone in a WhatsApp group chat at once?

You cannot tag everyone in a group chat at once. You can only select them one by one until the end of the list. As at the time of writing this post, there is no feature on WhatsApp that allows anyone to tag everyone at once.

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How can I prevent someone from tagging me in a WhatsApp group?

As far as you’re a WhatsApp group chat, anyone in the group can tag you. To stop this, there are only two options. It’s either you block the person, or you leave the group. It is advisable you let the person know that you don’t like been tagged in a group.

How can I see the message I’m tagged with on WhatsApp?

Well, in a situation where there are multiple messages in a group, and you’re tagged in one of them, you can locate the message you’re tagged in by scrolling up. You will see your name been mentioned in the group chat. The ‘@’ symbol will be at the front of your name.

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You can also, type .tagall inside the groupĀ  chat. Then, type @everyone!

I’m sure that after going through this article, you understood how to tag everyone in a WhatsApp group.

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