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Islamic Date Today 2023 | Hijri Calender

Islamic date today

This page contains Islamic Calendar 2023. Check Islamic date today on this page. If you’re searching for “Islamic Calendar 2023”, “today’s date in Islamic calendar”, or “Islamic date today in Nigeria”, you can find it here.

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Islamic Date Today 2023 [Hijri 1445]

Islamic Calendar 2023 AUGUST

Tuesday 1st – 14th Muharram
Wednesday 2nd – 15th Muharram
Thursday 3rd – 16th Muharram
Friday 4th – 17th Muharram
Saturday 5th – 18th Muharram

Sunday 6th – 19th Muharram
Monday 7th – 20th Muharram
Tuesday 8th – 21st Muharram
Wednesday 9th – 22nd Muharram
Thursday 10th – 23rd Muharram
Friday 11th – 24th Muharram
Saturday 12th – 25th Muharram

Sunday 13th – 26th Muharram
Monday 14th – 27th Muharram
Tuesday 15th – 28th Muharram
Wednesday 16th – 29th Muharram
Thursday 17th – 1st Safar
Friday 18th – 2nd Safar
Saturday 19th – 3rd Safar

Sunday 20th – 4th Safar
Monday 21st – 5th Safar
Tuesday 22nd – 6th Safar
Wednesday 23rd – 7th Safar
Thursday 24th – 8th Safar
Friday 25th – 9th Safar
Saturday 26th – 10th Safar

Sunday 27th – 11th Safar
Monday 28th – 12th Safar
Tuesday 29th – 13th Safar
Wednesday 30th – 14th Safar
Thursday 31st – 15th Safar

Islamic Calendar 2023 SEPTEMBER

Friday 1st – 16th Safar
Saturday 2nd – 17th Safar

Sunday 3rd – 18th Safar
Monday 4th – 19th Safar
Tuesday 5th – 20th Safar
Wednesday 6th – 21st Safar
Thursday 7th – 22nd Safar
Friday 8th – 23rd – Safar
Saturday 9th – 24th Safar

Sunday 10th – 25th Safar
Monday 11th – 26th Safar
Tuesday 12th – 27th Safar
Wednesday 13th – 28th Safar
Thursday 14th – 29th Safar
Friday 15th – 30th Safar
Saturday 16th – 1st Rabi I

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Sunday 17th – 2nd Rabi I
Monday 18th – 3rd Rabi I
Tuesday 19th – 4th Rabi I
Wednesday 20th – 5th Rabi I
Thursday 21st – 6th Rabi I
Friday 22nd – 7th Rabi I
Saturday 23rd 8th Rabi I

Sunday 24th – 9th Rabi I
Monday 25th – 10th Rabi I
Tuesday 26th – 11th Rabi I
Wednesday 27th – 12th Rabi I
Thursday 28th – 13th Rabi I
Friday 29th – 14th Rabi I
Saturday 30th – 15th Rabi I

Islamic Calendar 2023 OCTOBER

Sunday 1st – 16th Rabi I
Monday 2nd – 17th Rabi I
Tuesday 3rd – 18th Rabi I
Wednesday 4th – 19th Rabi I
Thursday 5th – 20th Rabi I
Friday 6th – 21st Rabi I
Saturday 7th – 22nd Rabi I

Sunday 8th – 23rd Rabi I
Monday 9th – 24th Rabi I
Tuesday 10th – 25th Rabi I
Wednesday 11th – 26th Rabi I
Thursday 12th – 27th Rabi I
Friday 13th – 28th Rabi I
Saturday 14th – 29th Rabi I

Sunday 15th – (None)
Monday 16th – 1st Rabi II
Tuesday 17th – 2nd Rabi II
Wednesday 18th – 3rd Rabi II
Thursday 19th – 4th Rabi II
Friday 20th – 5th Rabi II
Saturday 21st – 6th Rabi II

Sunday 22nd – 7th Rabi II
Monday 23rd – 8th Rabi II
Tuesday 24th – 9th Rabi II
Wednesday 25th – 10th Rabi II
Thursday 26th – 11th Rabi II
Friday 27th – 12th Rabi II
Saturday 28th – 13th Rabi II

Sunday 29th – 14th Rabi II
Monday 30th – 15th Rabi II
Tuesday 31st – 16th Rabi II

Islamic Calendar 2023 NOVEMBER

Wednesday 1st – 17th Rabi II
Thursday 2nd – 18th Rabi II
Friday 3rd – 19th Rabi II
Saturday 4th – 20th Rabi II

Sunday 5th – 21st Rabi II
Monday 6th – 22nd Rabi II
Tuesday 7th – 23rd Rabi II
Wednesday 8th – 24th Rabi II
Thursday 9th – 25th Rabi II
Friday 10th – 26th Rabi II
Saturday 11th – 27th Rabi II

Sunday 12th – 28th Rabi II
Monday 13th – 29th Rabi II
Tuesday 14th – 30th Rabi II
Wednesday 15th – 1st Jumada I
Thursday 16th – 2nd Jumada I
Friday 17th – 3rd Jumada I
Saturday 18th – 4th Jumada I

Sunday 19th – 5th Jumada I
Monday 20th – 6th Jumada I
Tuesday 21st – 7th Jumada I
Wednesday 22nd – 8th Jumada I
Thursday 23rd – 9th Jumada I
Friday 24th – 10th Jumada I
Saturday 25th – 11th Jumada I

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Sunday 26th – 12th Jumada I
Monday 27th – 13th Jumada I
Tuesday 28th – 14th Jumada I
Wednesday 29th – 15th Jumada I
Thursday 30th – 16th Jumada I

Islamic Calendar 2023 DECEMBER

Friday 1st – 17th Jumada I
Saturday 2nd – 18th Jumada I

Sunday 3rd – 19th Jumada I
Monday 4th – 20th Jumada I
Tuesday 5th – 21st Jumada I
Wednesday 6th – 22nd Jumada I
Thursday 7th – 23rd Jumada I
Friday 8th – 24th Jumada I
Saturday 9th – 25th Jumada I

Sunday 10th – 26th Jumada I
Monday 11th – 27th Jumada I
Tuesday 12th – 28th Jumada I
Wednesday 13th – 29th Jumada I
Thursday 14th – 1st Jumada II
Friday 15th – 2nd Jumada II
Saturday 16th – 3rd Jumada II

Sunday 17th – 4th Jumada II
Monday 18th – 5th Jumada II
Tuesday 19th – 6th Jumada II
Wednesday 20th – 7th Jumada II
Thursday 21st – 8th Jumada II
Friday 22nd – 9th Jumada II
Saturday 23rd – 10th Jumada II

Sunday 24th – 11th Jumada II
Monday 25th – 12th Jumada II
Tuesday 26th – 13th Jumada II
Wednesday 27th – 14th Jumada II
Thursday 28th – 15th Jumada II
Friday 29th – 16th Jumada II
Saturday 30th – 17th Jumada II

Sunday 31st – 18th Jumada II

Islamic Calendar 2024 JANUARY

Monday 1st – 19th Jumada II
Tuesday 2nd – 20th Jumada II
Wednesday 3rd – 21st Jumada II
Thursday 4th – 22nd Jumada II
Friday 5th – 23rd Jumada II
Saturday 6th – 24th Jumada II

Sunday 7th – 25th Jumada II
Monday 8th – 26th Jumada II
Tuesday 9th – 27th Jumada II
Wednesday 10th – 28th Jumada II
Thursday 11th – 29th Jumada II
Friday 12th – 30th Jumada II
Saturday 13th – 1st Rajab

Sunday 14th – 2nd Rajab
Monday 15th – 3rd Rajab
Tuesday 16th – 4th Rajab
Wednesday 17th – 5th Rajab
Thursday 18th – 6th Rajab
Friday 19th – 7th Rajab
Saturday 20th – 8th Rajab

Sunday 21st – 9th Rajab
Monday 22nd – 10th Rajab
Tuesday 23rd – 11th Rajab
Wednesday 24th – 12th Rajab
Thursday 25th – 13th Rajab
Friday 26th – 14th Rajab
Saturday 27th – 15th Rajab

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Sunday 28th – 16th Rajab
Monday 29th – 17th Rajab
Tuesday 30th – 18th Rajab
Wednesday 31st – 19th Rajab

Islamic Calendar 2024 FEBRUARY

Thursday 1st – 20th Rajab
Friday 2nd – 21st Rajab
Saturday 3rd – 22nd Rajab

Sunday 4th – 23rd Rajab
Monday 5th – 24th Rajab
Tuesday 6th – 25th Rajab
Wednesday 7th – 26th Rajab
Thursday 8th – 27th Rajab
Friday 9th – 28th Rajab
Saturday 10th – 29th Rajab

Sunday 11th – 1st Shaaban
Monday 12th – 2nd Shaaban
Tuesday 13th – 3rd Shaaban
Wednesday 14th – 4th Shaaban
Thursday 15th – 5th Shaaban
Friday 16th – 6th Shaaban
Saturday 17th – 7th Shaaban

Sunday 18th – 8th Shaaban
Monday 19th – 9th Shaaban
Tuesday 20th – 10th Shaaban
Wednesday 21st – 11th Shaaban
Thursday 22nd – 12th Shaaban
Friday 23rd – 13th Shaaban
Saturday 24th – 14th Shaaban

Sunday 25th – 15th Shaaban
Monday 26th – 16th Shaaban
Tuesday 27th – 17th Shaaban
Wednesday 28th – 18th Shaaban
Thursday 29th – 19th Shaaban

Additional information

The Islamic calendar consists of 354-355 days, unlike the 365-366 days in the regular calendar. You can also, see how Igbo Calendar 2023 looks like. The Islamic Calendar has 12 months in a year, which are:

  1. Muharram is equivalent to 7th August to 8th August
  2. Safar is equivalent to 8th August to 9th September
  3. Rabi I is equivalent to 10th October to 9th September
  4. Rabi II is equivalent to 10th October to 11th November
  5. Jumada I is equivalent to 11th November to 12th December
  6. Jumada II is equivalent to 12th December to 1st January
  7. Rajab is equivalent to 1st January to 2nd February
  8. Shaaban is equivalent to 2nd February to 3rd March
  9. Ramadan is equivalent to 3rd March to 4th April
  10. Shawwal is equivalent to 4th April to 5th May
  11. Dhu al-Qidah is equivalent to 5th May to 6th June
  12. Dhu al-Hijjah is equivalent to 6th June to 7th July

This Islamic Calendar is up to date. I hope you’re able to see Islamic date today. Good! Check here for more details.


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