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“We need another bank” AE-FUNAI students complains.

Students of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo complained about the only bank in the school. The bank (Zenith) which is situated at temporary site (Zone A) lacks the ability to support students 24 hours. Students do find it difficult to deposit money or pay some fees due to the bank not functioning as it is supposed to.

Many have to travel to Abakaliki which is very far from the school before they can be able to deposit or pay their fees.
The Zenith bank’s ATM in the school only or mostly functions well on Mondays and the rest of the days are stories that touch the heart. Students have no option than to risk their ATM cards to withdraw money from local markets around the school.
AE-FUNAI students are calling upon the Student Union Government (SUG) to let the school management know that they are not happy with the services of the current bank in the school. Also that even if another bank may not be able to be brought to the school, the current one should start functioning properly.

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AE-FUNAI Zenith bank
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The issue of the Zenith bank’s inability to function well may be seen as a little issue but it does not only affect the students financially but also academically. This is because traveling a long way to Abakaliki to withdraw and come back to the school costs money and takes about 3 to 4 hours which denies students the ability to make use of their time academically.

This is seriously affecting not only the students but the staff/lecturers too. If the bank should start functioning properly then, the students will be happy for such improvement and there will be no room for such complains again on that.

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According to the AE-FUNAI incumbent Director of Information Comrade Uwakwem Emmanuel, the SUG president Comrade Chima Solomon made known to the students on September 2019 that the UBA has promised to establish a branch in AE-FUNAI campus soon to enhance the banking system in the school. He (Comrade Chima Solomon) also made known to the students that the UBA manager needs approval from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for the bank to be established in the school.

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  1. It’s really appoling that a world class University like our’s have only one unfunctional bank..
    God have mercy

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