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Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 27th July 2023 Written Updates

Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 27th July 2023

Today’s update is Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 27th July 2023 Written Updates. I’m convinced that I will follow this episode to the end. Check what happened on this episode. Is Asiya pregnant? Find out.

Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 27th July 2023 Written Updates

Part 1

We don’t have a wedding! We have it. For Sada, when people arrive, they are the ones who try to disturb the guests. Asiya went to vomit and came back, and she was asked, “Where is Asiya going?” I know about this pregnancy; where did you give birth? I don’t remember seeing you come out; I don’t remember seeing you with a man. Where did you give birth?

Should we know who our shemela is? Asiya became reluctant to speak, but what did he say later? “It belongs to Mwanzele” Everyone was shocked until Grandpa came and asked Mwanzele if these claims were true. I remember them saying that you have no manhood.

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Mwanzele also said that he was confused, but when they looked, while the man who was instructing Asiya to put her on the ground, take off her clothes, and give her “whips” was only Mwanzele, she is crazy, or just leave it all in all, the ball belongs to Mwanzele, Asiya is confused, and this means that Mwanzeke is Kaka’s legal father.

The activities continued, and then I saw that Milah and Dida were looking at each other. “You took my back, you; I have returned with my brother; my name is Siandiko; that is Milah now for Dida; think of Mwanzele, and he came and called Grandpa and told the old man,

“Listen, at first my mind is not right, but what I saw yesterday when I went to see Dida’s mother, believe it or not, I saw Kaka’s mother.” Grandpa asked him, “Why didn’t his mother die?” Mwanzele told her to be quiet; she is alive, and it was he who gave Fatima shelter there. Grandpa is starting to get confused now.

Sultana 27th July full episode

Soon, the groom arrived, who we know is JJ. He entered with his best man, who is Kaka and was welcomed with joy, cheers, and all the devils. This is a kind of happiness now, woiya! Wow! What a joy for you! Then, if you look at the door, there is a family there at the gate; that is me now selling afkado.

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Grandpa, Mwanzele, all of you are on the ground; your job is just to play. Then there is a beautiful girl there called Trish Khalid; I know TikTok people know her very well. Look closely; that will be our Becky in the coming series. The middle of the night will come, and now it’s time for the bride to come with the best maid.

But this little, when the JJs were waiting for Sultana to arrive with her best maid, poor God, they were shocked to see that Sultana was coming with Kokan. Ua failed to invite Kokan, and Kokan was first held in Sultana’s hand. Sada asked where this young man came from, when JJ himself said Kokan was single.

Ua has questions, Salam has questions, Sada has questions, and even you all have questions: who invited Kokan? JJ is in the front; he still hasn’t seen the person bringing his Sultana.

Then, if you look behind you, there is a man with a cloth covering his face. That is none other than Major himself; he attended his son’s wedding. Kokan brought Sultana to JJ; she is sitting, and then strangely, JJ is just smiling and has no problem at all, which means he already knew about Kokan way before these others did. Don’t forget, the Major is also here, and he is the one covered with a cloth in the back.

Part 2: Grandfather caught by the police

Pastor Harrison Ng’anga stood up to start his work of connecting these two, JJ and Sultana. Mr. Jabali Junior, have you agreed to marry Sultana Jabali as your wife? JJ said yes; he agreed. Sultana was also asked, “Have you agreed to marry Jabali Junior?” Sultana also said, “Yes, I have agreed.” The two are now a thing.

Hands were exchanged, and rings were placed. Dida is there, and it seems that she is very happy to see that her ex is married, even if he is not married to her. Sultana and JJ hugged each other tight there. While people are happily watching, Major is just calm down there; he doesn’t want to be known. Ona Mwanzele has increased the joy of giving birth, and she is dancing like crazy. Sada was also not left behind. Happy as all.

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Safs stood up again and said it’s time to give gifts to the brides now, and don’t forget the Major is here. There is someone who has brought a hot seat as a gift to the people of Yemen; this one I am not giving to you because there are those who have brought even pears too, and this is what I am asking for the last time:

who is free to have a wedding Sadadee should be given to us as a gift and then we share? Everyone gave each other gifts, and now that he is Major, and he is still naked and no one knows him, the problem is that as long as you have come to this wedding, you have to give gifts, baaaaaasi.

Sultana, on the other hand, came and thanked Kokan for coming and told him that she was very shocked to see him.

Sultana Thursday 27th July written update

Kokan told him not to worry; it was JJ who called me, and I saw that there was no problem. Let me wish you guys all the best. We know it was JJ who shined in Kokan.

Sada woke up and said she also has her gift as an aunt, and her gift is what everyone has been waiting for now. Sada called her lawyer, and he came forward, opened the bag, and took out some receipts inside. Sada told JJ and Sultana, “My gift to you is all my property that is here, and that is my gift to you.” Major was shocked; all the property went into the hands of JJ. Major, wake up now, and JJ, take care; this will be taken as finished words. When Major heard that all the property went to JJ and Sultana, he woke up.

By the way, Dida also sat down and saw that there was a secret she should tell Kaka. She called him aside and said, “Listen, Kaka, I want to tell you about your mother.” My brother asked my mother, “What does she have?” Dida told him that he was alive, and we saw him yesterday. My brother told her to stop talking nonsense. Dida, firstly, I don’t have a father; how did you know that my mother? Dida told him the news.

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Continuation: Sultana 27th July

I will tell you, but if you want more information, go to the one who will tell you; the one is Mwanzele now. Kaka didn’t wait; he came to Mwanzele but Dida told him, “Hey, wait for their own wedding to be over and then stay informed; very soon you will have a brother or sister because Mwanzele gave her the ball to Asiya Kaka is the one who is confused now; he knows that Mwanzele has no male power, and as it is said, if he has them, then even his father is Mwanzele.

Soon after the wedding, the police arrived. Akian Sada failed; what’s the matter? But Babu has been questioned by the police. Grandpa asked, “What have I done again?” Grandpa was told, “Your mistake is to bury the body of a woman in the night of the words, “wah!” The roots have started to eat them now.

Grandpa couldn’t talk about what he would do now until he regretted all the years he lived in hiding in Salama, but at long last he is the one carrying the cross. Imagine Babu being removed from the wedding if he did not eat. People who attended the wedding even stayed.

Conclusion: Sultana Thursday

However, apart from Major and Sada, there is another brother now, and this brother also attended the wedding, and he looks a lot like Major. When Sada saw his other brother, he ran to him and hugged him, but when Major saw his other brother, he decided to escape, but when he was escaping, he collided with people and fell to the ground.

Everyone now saw that Major was the one who fell down and hurt his back. However, when the Major wakes up, he should wait again: in front of him, a policeman; behind him, another policeman. On the day the monkeys slip, all the trees die. Until tomorrow, fate.

That’s the end for this episode on Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 27th July 2023 Written Updates. Anticipate more updates tomorrow.

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