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Uzalo Teasers July 2023 Full Episodes

Uzalo Teasers July 2023

More updates on Uzalo are here. This page contains Uzalo Teasers August 2023 Full Latest Episodes. Uzalo is South Africa’s most watched TV series in the country. Tune in to SABC1 to enjoy the series. Continue reading to discover Uzalo Teasers from 3 July 2023 to 31 July 2023.

Uzalo Teasers July 2023 Full Latest Episodes

Uzalo 3 July 2023 Episode 87

The Sholobos are backed against the corner while a curse is bestowed upon Nkuzi. Prince discourages Sipho.

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Uzalo 4 July 2023 Episode 88

Mrs. Madlala worries about how Sipho feels about her. The coronation of Nkunzi did not hold. MaDongwe desperately needs to get rid of Mrs. Ngema and Mrs. Nhlapho.

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Uzalo 5 July 2023 Episode 89

This episode shows how high the tension is between Sipho and Prince when Prince makes a decision that Sipho is not in agreement with. Sibonelo’s Comedy Night goes beyond what he expects. Njinji is having a field day with Sibonelo on her leash.

Uzalo 6 July 2023 Episode 90

In Episode 90, when they find out that Shlobo is Sipho’s stepmother, his friends begin to laugh at him. Nkunzi is shocked to see his father, Maphikelela. Mrs. Madlala is convinced that Prince is using her.

Uzalo 7 July 2023 Episode 91

Episode 91 shows how Sipho was desperate for his ID book. The trailblazers express themselves on the youth center wall. Nkunzi sends a fiery message to all his enemies in the village.

Uzalo 10 July 2023 Episode 92

Sipho has a heart-to-heart with Hlelo, and Prince makes a plan to fulfill his son’s needs. MaMlambo offers Nkunzi some pearls of wisdom, while Sibonelo deals with the absence of his father.

Uzalo 11 July 2023 Episode 93

Sipho tries to reveal the mystery of his mother. Mrs. Nhlapho and Mrs. Ngema confront the Shlobos about sending a criminal after them.

Uzalo 12 July 2023 Episode 94

Gabisile pulls some strings to try and get Sibonelo’s charges dropped. Nkunzi opens up his arms to Nomkhosi. Mrs. Madlala is uncomfortable talking to MaDongwe about why she’s never had kids of her

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Uzalo 13 July 2023 Episode 95

In Episode 95, what will Sibonelo do with his newly acquired freedom? MaMlambo continues to be generous with people everywhere she goes. Through the hard way, Shlobos find out that there’s a thin line between love and hate.

Uzalo 14 July 2023 Episode 96

Episode 96 opens when Sipho reaches out to his mother. Shlobos finally finds peace with Mrs. Ngema and Mrs. Nhlapho. Flavia is hijacked.

Uzalo 17 July 2023 Episode 97

Sasko builds a playground for the youth centre. Prince kicks the prayer warrior Shlobos out of his shack. Sibonelo plans on getting more funds for the hijacked car, much to Nomaswazi’s concern.

Uzalo 18 July 2023 Episode 98

At last, Prince comes around and gives Sipho the number for his mother. Sibonelo realises that no one wants to work with him because he’s a betrayer. Trailblazers does it again when it brings joy to the kids.

Uzalo 19 July 2023 Episode 99

Sipho struggles with facing his reality while Prince explains to Mrs. Madlala his reasons for his decisions. Sbu tries to make an impression, and Sibonelo pushes his merchandise successfully. Nkunzi drops a bombshell while Njinji sneaks away with vital evidence.

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Uzalo 20 July 2023 Episode 100

In this episode, Nkunzi and Nomkhosi’s knives are out, Sipho’s hunt for his mother continues, and Mzamo struggles with his internal demons.

Uzalo 21 July 2023 Episode 101

Mrs. Madlala is very worried about Sipho. Nomaswazi and Sibonelo’s hard work has finally paid off. A stunned Nkunzi has an unexpected visitor. Sipho is left thoughtful after seeing his mother.

Uzalo 24 July 2023 Episode 102

Betrayal: In episode 102, the worst betrayal and hurt comes from the one who is meant to be a nurturer and a trusted ally, and the one.

Uzalo 25th July 2023 Episode 103

Every action has consequences. Nomkhosi suffers the consequences of her actions. Things are off to a good start between Sipho and his mom. Hlelo has an idea that can help Sbu fix his friendship with Njeza.

Uzalo 26 July 2023 Episode 104

In episode 104, on July 26, Sibonelo encourages Nomaswazi to think positively about their event. Philile justifies her choices for abandoning Sipho. Mzamo comes up with a strategic plan to make money.

Uzalo 27 July 2023 Episode 105

Check out episode 105. A peacock proud, Mondli puts a spoke in the wheel of Sibonelo’s plans. Njinji threatens Nomaswazi, and Prince finally reveals what happened between him and Philile.

Uzalo 28 July 2023 Episode 106

Nkunzi finds out that Sibonelo hijacked Flavia. Sipho laid the blame on Prince for keeping him away from his mother. Mbatha resurfaces in India.

Uzalo 31 July 2023 Episode 107

In this final episode of July, Gabisile calls the police on Sibonelo. Philile’s true colours towards Sipho start to manifest, and Mbatha is now a converted Shaman.

In conclusion, you just went through Uzalo Teasers July 2023 Full Latest Episodes. I hope you enjoyed the drama. Up next is August. Will be dropping soon. Enjoy!

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