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Sultana 24th July 2023 Written Updates Citizen Tv Full Episode

Sultana 24th July 2023 Written Updates

Check out today’s episode on Sultana 24th July 2023 Written Updates Citizen Tv Full Episode. I must say that this episode is might be painful. Check out what JJ, Kaka, Dida, Mwanzele and others did. What happened to Fatima? This page contains Sultana 24th July 2023 Written Updates Citizen Tv Full Episode. Let’s go!

Sultana 24th July 2023 Written Updates Citizen Tv Full Episode

???????????????? ????

The villagers saw that, and they knew Baasi would love Fatima. They called each other and came, but Fatima locked herself in the house, but the people of Bamburi don’t like stupidity, so they told her it was either get out or we’ll burn you in here.

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Wueh, Fatima heard that, and she went out. I tell you, Fatima was given another defeat, eeh! But it wasn’t enough. They called the tire to burn her now, but before they lit the matches, the scumbags arrived and shot at the people, and they escaped. That’s how Fatima escaped, but whose hands did she fall into? Police.

Let’s get to Sada, Milah will make her very safe. Ua told Milah, try to understand Salama, but Milah refused, and told her I don’t know why they defend her? Salama told him that I myself wanted JJ to know, but he was not ready to know the truth. Milah asked him, and why didn’t you tell me yourself?

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Sada saw that this is nonsense now, she said to Milah, you will have to respect yourself now, little child mouth-to-mouth until what time why don’t you listen? You are told that you don’t hear the words, your problem is baby Milah, cut your mouth alah. Sada told JJ and Milah to come out and talk, and he left Salama continuing to be decorated by Ua in preparation for the wedding.

Outside, JJ, Kaka, Dida, Mwanzele and Sada are outside and Sada asked JJ how do you feel about this? Even before JJ spoke, Mwanzele said these are really brothers, you see the noses are similar, but JJ said the nose or what doesn’t mean Milah is my sister.

Continuation: Sultana 24th July 2023 Written Update

Sada told him there is no, even if it’s not the nose, already in terms of terrorism you look alike then Mwanzele fired, he said to JJ, you see some of you share a room with Kaka, see now he is your brother-in-law. Dida and Milah heard it, and Dida was very sick.

After a minute, Kaka came and asked Dida, why did you lie to Milah, I’m not here and you already rejected me? Dida asked her, isn’t it right that you’ve been calling me and then Milah came, you’re confused, aren’t you, you’ve been calling me, do you want to talk? When Milah heard it, she asked Dida, so why don’t you want her? Dida tells him he is all yours, take him “Okay, haven’t you heard that you are mine, come on babe” that was Milah’s mind, it is obvious that Milah still loves Kaka.

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Sada came and spoke to JJ and told her that Milah’s anger is you who will calm it down and if you want your wedding to be successful and complete, you know what to do, you are a boy, do what you should do until this wedding is completed well.

Milah went back to the room to talk to Salama and Salama apologized and told her to apologize, I understand the pain you are going through but please, just understand me. JJ also came and told Milah, it’s true what Salama said, I didn’t grow up ready to know you, I grew up a coward and I grew up with a lot of things in my head. Milah understood JJ.

???????????????? ???? Fatima is Dead

Milah and JJ talked and understood each other until they hugged. Then Sada asked Salama, now tell us if JJ and Milah are brothers? Salama told him yes, if the woman in the picture is Milah’s mother, then she is the woman I gave birth to, so she is also JJ’s mother. Milah told JJ that their mother was called Chiku. See Kaka looking at your people and meeting me, but behind him Dida and Maria are looking at him.

When Buya was at home, he was called by the detective, and what was he told? We have found Fatima, and we found her wanting to be burned by the people of Bamburi All Stars.

JJ came out and talked to their Milah while holding a picture of their mother. JJ returned the picture to Milah but Milah told her that I have been with it for many years but for now you will be with it.

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Continuation of part 2: Sultana 24th July 2023 Written Updates

Dida was also called by her father, and was told that her mother had been found and that she was found as if she wanted to be burned. Dida, she couldn’t control herself until breathing became a problem.

By the way, Kaka came to pack his clothes and when Mwanzele came, he thought he wanted to escape, but Kaka told him that I was planning to go with JJ or have you forgotten that I am his best man.

Sultana 24th July 2023 Written Updates Citizen Tv Full Episode

Sada was called by Buya, and she told him to go check on Dida, she is not well after Fatima’s news, but now let’s check, it seems that the defeat hurt Fatima so much that she lost her soul, according to Maria, she says that they should be happy, but Sada told her that she should know that she is still her mother, even if she was bad.

Inside, Mwanzele with Kaka, Kaka asked Mwanzele, did you really love my mother? If you grew up loving him, you would look for him and even if you see Dida and Milah fighting for me, they see that I love them and I know how to love people, I’m not like you.

News will reach everyone, Fatima is no more. This is so sad in this Sultana 24th July 2023 Written Updates Citizen Tv Full Episode. Anyway, let’s wait did the next update.

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