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Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 20th July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates

Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 20th July 2023

Read today’s update on Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 20th July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates. Find out what happened in today’s (Thursday)update and enjoy this awesome series.

Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 20th July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates

Part one

Salama returned to Sada and Sada asked him, “What is wrong?” Salama told him that I got a call from the village saying that there was someone at Babu’s house. Also, he had been staying there for a long time.

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Sada asked someone: So you mean someone? Salama told him yes, and I have even called Grandpa; he says he has no news. Sada thought quickly. Who must this person be? Major! Sada woke up and went out to make one or two phone calls. She told the man who was camped at Babu’s place, none other than Major.

Oh! Dida and he were busy and remembered that he fell asleep in JJ’s bed while Kaka was still there, and he was called by Milah. Dida told him, I’m busy; what do you want? Milah told him that I’m looking for Kaka on the phone, but I don’t know; maybe he changed his number? Dida asked him, “So what?” Milah said to him,

“If you have anything, help me; there is something I want to talk to him about very urgently.” Dida told him, I have nothing about this man, and I don’t even know where he is. When Dida says she doesn’t even know where Kaka is, yes, this one is looking at her in front of her. Kaka was standing there at the gate, but Dida is one of those exes. She doesn’t want her ex to talk to another dem Kaka raised her hand to Dida but Dida went inside.

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Sultana 19th July full episode

Salama came and asked Sada; we don’t know if this is Major, but Sada told him to listen. First, the other day Fatima was seen raising Buya, which means these two will be separated, and Major saw her go to the village to stay there. Sada called the detective and told him to listen to the police.

I know he is in Major; he is in Babu’s village right now. The detective told him that it’s night; let me get there early tomorrow, okay? Sada told him that he would spare the master, or should I go myself? The detective told him not to worry; we will find him in our own way, and even tomorrow we will march together. For now, tell the person who told you not to try to get close to the Major so that he will be known, right? Sada moved his neck to the side.

My brother came back to the room; he was very upset until Mwanzele asked what Maria had done to you again. I saw her talking to you harshly. My brother told her to leave Maria’s affairs alone for now. For now, I want you to tell me one thing: tell me about the kind of person my mother was, and secondly, tell me about this Asiya.

What plan do you have with her? Mwanzele asked him again, “Where has Asiya intervened? My brother told him, I saw you winking at him; do you want him to give it to you or Mwanzele avoided that question until he forgot himself and said he had gone to check the vegetables in the kitchen, so they wouldn’t burn.

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Sultana 19th July written update

On Fatima’s side, the mother came and asked Fatima, “My friend, do you have a child?” Fatima told him, “Yes, I have a daughter; why are they asking if you also have a child?” This mother told him, “Yes, I grew up with a son, and I left it for another man who didn’t even care about me, and I am the one who came here now.” This means the man with this mother left a child, Mwanzele, and the child is none other than Kaka.

???????????????? ????

The next day, Fatima and this mother wake up, and the mother is very tired until Fatima tells her not to wake up: “Let me start work; you sleep, you will wake up fresh in the cold. Fatima went out and continued with work, and her problem is money.

There is a certain amount of money she wants to collect, which is why she is counting to know how much she has raised. Despite the dirty work itself, Fatima has to continue to do it and be careful; she is not used to doing this. When she makes one single mistake, the glitter turns into poison when it touches people.

The next day, early in the morning, here in the village, at Grandpa’s house, there was a celebration! The police arrived, and they kicked the door. “Who are they looking for?” Gen. Major Jabali. But they entered at the speed they used to enter, it ended, and they came out as if they were very tired.

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Why? There is no Major inside. Sada said to the detective, “Do you see, I told you yesterday that we should see if he will come out now?” Sada alijam, bad wood. If the police had come yesterday, they would have arrested him, but they delayed, so they are coming in the morning.

Sada returned home as if she were so busy that she didn’t talk to anyone. She thought Major would be caught, but not arrested. All in all, the preparatory activities should continue. Dida has done a very good job, and even Sultana’s room is very clean.

Continuation: Sultana 20th July Thursday written update

There was a knock at the door, and Sada sent Asiya to see who might be the bride. He doesn’t open it; it’s JJ. He asked the bride, “What do they want? JJ told him I was going to talk to Sultana a bit, and he said, “Ooh!” Sultana said you won’t see her until you put a ring on her.

As for Fatima nakwo, she was able to make alcohol, and remember, she is not used to it. She does not know how to make it, and she has no knowledge.

The owner of the house also came and tasted Fatim’s alcohol. Even though it didn’t reach his mouth, he spat it out and asked Fatima, “What do you think of the alcohol in Yemen?” Oh! Fatima thought she knew how to cook a type of alcohol, but she didn’t know the harm of this.

Conclusively, you just read today’s update on Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 20th July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates. Expect more update.

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